June 09, 2023

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Voge ER10 electric motorcycle

Voge ER10 electric motorcycle

With the exponential increase in the number of manufacturers from China, EV manufacturers are looking for global markets. The competition was so intense due to the entries of Tech giants like Xiaomi, Huawei, etc into the Chinese EV space. So, Chinese EVs are focussing on global markets along with local markets to survive the competition. Voge is one such motorcycle manufacturer who is in news with the announcement of its ER10 motorcycle in Italy. Now it’s time for us to know more about Voge ER10 electric motorcycle

About Voge ER10

Voge is an electric motorcycle maker which is the subsidiary of Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Loncin motorcycles. The present motorcycle in the topic is actually a concept showcased by sur ron motorcycles a few years ago. The concept motorcycle is known as White ghost and this motorcycle is acquired by Loncin motorcycles. After the acquisition, Loncin motorcycles renamed this motorcycle as Voge ER10 and it is the only available electric motorcycle in this subsidiary.

Technical Overview

Voge ER10 is a motorcycle that can pull your attention towards it because it is one of the best-looking motorcycles in its category. when we look at the motorcycle, its design appears futuristic. The dimensions of this motorcycle are 2000 x 790 x 1100 (L x W x H). It comes with a 1390 mm wheelbase and 170 mm ground clearance.

ER10 has an overall height of 1100mm and it offers a seat height of 800 mm. The net weight of the motorcycle is around 115 kg and it can carry a weight of up to 150kg.

Coming to performance, here are claims by Voge. The mid-mounted 6 KW motor makes the motorcycle offer a topspeed of 100km/h with a 75 kg load. It can offer a range of around 120 km with 30km/h cruising speed and 75kg payload. The 60 V lithium battery weighs around 29 kg and it requires 4 hr recharge time with a 20A charger.

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