June 14, 2024

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Delivery of Ultraviolette’s F77 Limited Edition model has begun
Delivery of Ultraviolette’s F77 Limited Edition model has begun

Delivery of Ultraviolette’s F77 Limited Edition model has begun

Ultraviolette’s first experience center in Bangalore has opened its doors

The Bangalore-based electric motorcycle manufacturer Ultraviolette has announced that the shipping of their high-end F77 Limited Edition model has begun. This performance bike was produced in limited numbers and all 77 examples have sold out. As early as November 2022, the company took bookings for this variant.

This limited-edition model is already sold out, but the company is taking pre-orders for the F77 Original and F77 Recon in India. 3.8 lakhs and 4.55 lakhs were the prices at which they were sold. These F77 variants are available in Supersonic Silver, Stealth Grey, and Plasma Red color themes. 

The base model is equipped with a 27kW motor (peak output) and a 7.1kWh battery. This variant offers a top speed of 140 km/h and a maximum range of 206 km (IDC). The Recon variant, on the other hand, uses a 29kW motor, comes with a 10.3kWh battery unit, and has a maximum range of 307km (IDC). This variant has a top speed of 147 km/h. 

The Ultraviolette Hangar has officially opened its doors in Bangalore, marking Ultraviolette’s first experience center in the country. A 10,000-square-foot Experience Center will serve as the brand’s flagship retail store and will provide customers as well as motorcyclists and tech enthusiasts with an immersive experience.

Experience the pure adrenaline rush of driving an F77 at UV Hangar using flight simulator technology. This will allow them to savor the unique experience of his F77 and get closer to his DNA for the brand, the company says. The experience center is also equipped with technology such as interactive displays and zones for virtual and augmented reality. It allows Ultraviolette to create a surreal and immersive environment which enhances Ultraviolette’s advanced innovation and the design philosophy behind the F77 even further.

In the words of Narayan Subramanian, Co-Founder and CEO of Hangar, “Hangar is an innovative experience center for people to experience the future of electric vehicles and design. In addition to delivering stunning design and technology, Hangar has been designed to exceed the F77 benchmark, transforming the buying journey and customer experience.”

According to the UV hangar expansion plan, 15 UV hangars will be installed across the country as part of the extension plan once the UV hangars have been installed, marking the beginning of the next phase of UV hangar expansion. As a result, it will be designed individually to reflect our customers’ needs. This will enable us to provide the most satisfactory possible service and exceed their expectations,” he explained.

A big part of Ultraviolet’s strategy is to expand its physical touchpoints across the country with retail partners, starting from Bangalore. The first UV hangar in Bangalore, which is also home to the F77 R&D center, is a fascinating discovery.

Aside from the Ultraviolette Hangar, you will also find a dedicated area where you can browse performance gear, accessories, and the Ultraviolette brand’s merchandise. Moreover, the unique UV Café, which is located in the hangar, allows customers and visitors to engage with the brand on a more intimate level due to its unique design. 

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