December 08, 2022

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Prana Grand Motorcycle Review

Prana Grand Motorcycle Review

In the present customer review, our topic of discussion is Prana Grand electric motorcycle. Our team has gone to Vijayawada to get the review of this electric motorcycle. So, let’s go through Prana Grand Motorcycle Review.

About Prana

Prana Grand Motorcycle is from an electric motorcycle company called Srivaru motors. Mohan Ramasamy is the founder of this electric motorcycle company who is also an Ex-Tesla engineer. 

Prana has a manufacturing facility in Coimbatore which can produce 30,000 units and the production can increase up to 2 lakh units annually if there is an additional requirement. Also, Srivaru Motors is serious about environmental concerns because they mention offering some amount of the purchase cost as cashback if they receive proof of customers planting at least 10 saplings.

Technical Overview

Here are the motorcycle specification claims according to Srivaru Motors. Prana Grand has a top speed of 123 kmph and it can accelerate from 0-60 kmph in 4 seconds. The motorcycle has 3 driving modes which are Practice, Drive, sports and it has a reverse mode under 5 kmph. The battery is non-detachable with two options available which are 4.32 kW and 7.2 kW. The 4.32 kW battery can recharge in 4 hr 15 min and offers a range of 126km. While the 7.2kW battery can offer a range of 225 km with a recharge time of 6 hr 30 min. The battery pack has 2000 charge-discharge cycles and the motorcycle has a 2-year or 1,00,000 km of warranty.

Customer review

Our Prana motorcycle customer selected this motorcycle due to the increase in fuel expenses. His profession has a travel requirement which is also the reason for him to choose this motorcycle. Coming to pros and cons, our customer was able to save fuel expenses because he travels around 100 km every day which is an advantage. Now, the cons which he mentions are low ground clearance and the basic motorcycle features for this price. Overall he is a satisfactory customer who is ready to suggest this motorcycle to others if they accept.

For more relevant information on Prana motorcycle, Please watch our video below in English, Hindi and Telugu.

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