April 08, 2021

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Project Triumph TE-1 phase-2

Project Triumph TE-1 phase-2

Phase 1 of Project Triumph TE-1 is about the collaborations and their respective roles in this ambitious project. Now, Phase 2 is about the progress of these partners in their respective areas. Let’s continue into Project Triumph TE-1 phase-2.


In phase 2, Triumph came up with a vehicle control software that connects all of the electrical systems. This software ensures intuitive throttle response, regenerative braking, traction control and all other motorcycle dimensions. Also, triumph came up with main and rear frames which are suitable with battery and motor. These frames will further evolve in Phase 3 into the TE-1 Prototype which will be a mule test platform in Phase 4. The design outcome is similar to distinctive Triumph’s street motorcycles with more focus on aerodynamics.

Williams Advanced Engineering(WAE)

WAE came up with a module layout and vehicle control unit that is integrated into the battery pack to minimize weight and packaging. In addition to this, WAE has also created innovative battery management software to ensure power delivery is according to battery performance.

The outcome of Phase 2 for WAE includes a battery qualifies bench-test with results that exceed existing modules in terms of Power and Energy Density.

WAE module layout

Integral Powertrain(IPT)

IPT’s work is to integrate the motor and inverter into one single, compact, package. This integration reduces the mass and volume of the drivetrain and also this concept is also a fully scalable one.

Integral also implemented advanced silicon carbide switch technology in the inverter. This switch reduces loss in the inverter and results in greater drivetrain efficiency, power delivery and range. The outcome is a motor producing 130kW or 180 horsepower with just 10 kilograms weight.

Warwick Manufacturing Group(WMG)

In Project Triumph TE-1 phase-2, WMG simulations allowed to validate the specification against a particular component selection by assessing performance criteria such as range and top speed with initial models. This enables Triumph to carry out software development before making hardware components with testing programs to ensure that real-life testing can deliver on refinement.

WMG is conducting powertrain rig testing with an Integral powertrain prototype to ensure our simulations and motor functions.

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