July 13, 2024

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Price, range, and specifications of the Piaggio One Active
Price, range, and specifications of the Piaggio One Active

Price, range, and specifications of the Piaggio One Active

Piaggio One Active


As part of its Piaggio One Active electric scooter launch last year, the company introduced the Piaggio One Active. Bringing electric scooters into the future is the beginning of an exciting era. With zero-emission urban mobility, superior quality, and technology, excellent safety mechanisms, as well as stylish looks, a smooth chassis, excellent handling, and a large payload capacity, the scooter offers all the features of a high-end scooter, including zero-emission mobility, superior quality and technology, and unsurpassed attention to detail.



This Piaggio scooter is a user-friendly e-scooter in every sense of the word. Convenient and easy to use, this product is ideal for everyone. With the MAP button on the right of the handlebar, it is also possible to switch between Sport and Eco modes from a distance, using the remote control. ECO mode is designed to save fuel and accelerate longer distances while sport mode is intended to deliver full engine sound and a more powerful driving experience.




As a result of its high speed and wide range, the Piaggio One Active can reach a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour in Sport mode. It can also reach 66 kilometers per hour in ECO mode.



The specifications and battery life

With a motor with a maximum output of 2.0 kW and a maximum torque of 90 NM, the Piaggio One Active provides a lot of power and torque. There is a capacity of 2.3 kWh per hour, 48 V, 48 Ah, which is the battery capacity. The removable battery needs to be fully charged for six hours before it can be used again. There are both left and right disc brakes on the electric scooter and they are 175mm in diameter.


The features

To make reading the Piaggio One Active’s instrument cluster easy, stylish, and crisp, the instrument cluster is equipped with a 5.5-inch color LCD with a twilight sensor that adapts the colors of the background and fonts to ambient light conditions to make the display always easy to read, stylish, and crisp. Moreover, graphic images can also be displayed on the screen easily and conveniently. In addition, there is a very large compartment under the seat as well as ample legroom so the driver can feel comfortable while driving. There is also a keyless entry system, LED lighting, regenerative braking, convenient hooks for bags, and a USB port. This is to name just a few of the other features. There are 6 different color options available for this product.



The cost

Pricing for the electric scooter has not yet been announced by the company. It ranges from 1,00,000 to 1,50,000 rupees. Electric scooters can look sleek, but the Piaggio One Active seems a little pricey.



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  1. Deebendu

    A year ago, we bought a scooter from Mehar Motors Chandigarh. Sadly, a mechanical problem caused the scooter to tumble onto the road.

    Now it looks that we need to fix a part, and poor petrol quality is the root of the problem as per a person called Mr Arjun who works in Mehar Motors Chandigarh. I’m not sure who to complain to about the subpar petrol—the Indian government or Vespa, which ought to make its motor parts to survive Indian petrol of that calibre.

    Finally, we visited a roadside technician in the Chandigarh Motor Market, and they informed us that the issue with the BS6 Vespa scooter was fairly prevalent.

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