April 09, 2021

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EZRaider LW

EZRaider LW

EZRaider LW

The developments in the personal mobility sector are mostly compatible with only urban areas. These personal transport vehicles are so simple and sensitive that they cannot withstand rough rides. In order to overcome tough terrain and also offer excitement, EZRaider invaded personal mobility. The company offers 3 different off-road personal mobility vehicles and the EZRaider LW is one of them.

About EZRaider

EZRaider was co-founded by Israeli automotive enthusiast Erez in 2017. The goal behind this automotive manufacturing is to offer the most exhilarating off-road experience. His previous work experience is in the field of self-driving vehicles for military and security purposes. In this experience, he realized the importance of light-weight and small vehicles that can transport people and equipment on the battle-fields. As a result, the outcome is a prototype with an IC engine. However, being ahead of its time the project terminated in 2015. 

Technical overview

In EZRaider LW, the alphabets LW means Lightweight. The frame of LW is made with a strengthened steel tube for agility and reliability. EZRaider LW is a rear-wheel-drive with two hub motors at the rear which has an output of 9000W together. LW offers a range of 50km or 31 miles for one single charge with a battery pack of 60V which can store up to 1.7kwh on a single charge. The top speed of LW is 35kmph or 22mph. The dry weight of the vehicle is 95kg or 209lb. The vehicle can carry a payload of 175 kg or 375lb. Apart from these specifications, LW also offers features like regenerative braking and EZRaider’s patented 6-axes floating suspension.



The cost of EZRaider’s LW is 8,500$ which roughly translates to 5,95,000 in INR. With this EZRaiderLW, the rider can explore landscapes, waterfalls, valleys, plantations, and mountains. If your work environment requires you to move across vast indoors, off-road or, urban areas then EZRaider LW will be a suitable ride.

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