May 28, 2024

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EVs with dual batteries reduce range anxiety, writes Suhas Rajkumar

EVs with dual batteries reduce range anxiety, writes Suhas Rajkumar

A view on dual battery works has been penned by Suhas Rajkumar


Electric vehicle manufacturers fiercely compete among themselves as the electric field bubbles up at a speed like a unicorn’s. EVs with single batteries or dual batteries are one of the common differences between them when it comes to their power qualifications.

And now, in a Times of India article, the CEO and founder of Simple Energy, Suhas Rajkumar, writes about how the EV’s dual batteries could alleviate range anxiety.

Besides being one of the top Electric vehicle manufacturers, Simple Energy is also India’s first affordable premium EV manufacturer. A proudly made product in India, by Indians for people all over the world. Founded in 2019, Simple Energy is an R&D-driven company with a mission to shape the future of e-mobility and connected mobility. Accelerating the energy transition by making it easier, more affordable, safe, and more comfortable is Simple Energy’s mission.



Suhas Rajkumar started by stating that the electric two-wheeler segment in India has grown rapidly in recent years. E2W manufacturers are making strides towards cleaner mobility by launching innovative, modern and compelling products to engage consumers.

He clarified that, the transcendent myths that have been circulating for a while then a long time, combined with the awareness of buyers about their rights, have contributed to this sector’s high level of development. Having grown our product offering to a wide variety of products, we are currently at an exciting tipping point in industry opportunities. As with any revolution, revolutionary technology does bring with it some concerns.”

Let’s look at why dual batteries are not only safe, but a game changer in the electric two-wheeler industry in the words of Suhas Rajkumar. To begin with, he clarified almost all aspects of dual-battery security.


In his words, he clarified that For the largest parcel, batteries in vehicles have chemical advancements that keep the battery from experiencing precariousness. Past mishaps have driven the Indian government to prescribe quality limits on electric bike batteries. Guidelines such as the Car Industry Standard for Two-Wheelers (AIS-156) order a battery maintenance programs to guarantee security and distinguish battery disappointments.

Dual batteries are immaculately secure in case the battery’s chemistry and insights are not compromised. Automakers continuously work to progress security through development,” he added.

He explains that dual-battery EVs have many options. The two batteries can be fixed or removable. It can also consist of fixed and removable batteries, as with vehicles like the Simple One. It is imperative to note that dual battery technology has two features. The first is the extended range provided by the two batteries. Efficient charging methods developed by the manufacturer will help you get the most out of this feature. So drivers can drive the extra mile with confidence.

Secondly, dual battery, especially swap battery setups are very useful when the vehicle is empty and there are no charging stations nearby. Instead of pushing the two-wheeler to the station, the driver simply plugs in a replaceable battery and drives to the station. In the current situation where charging infrastructure is still developing in India, such technology could go a long way in alleviating customers’ fear of being stranded.



A glimpse Into the future from Rajkumar’s perspective

In Rajkumar’s opinion, it is advantageous to recall that there are changes that have been made, such as the addition of two battery packs. Certain variables such as reasonableness and plan have got to be accommodated. Simple One’s technology uses a combination of fixed and wearable technologies to boost performance. When it comes to innovating, it is imperative to keep the user in mind. The latest technologies in this area are usually developed in the user’s advancing interest.

He concluded the article by saying that at the conclusion of the day, remaining current with the foremost latest advancements, guaranteeing that their clients stay taught of the foremost latest headways, and understanding the influence of these advancements will be key to their triumph in the future.

I believe Rajkumar’s explanation makes a great deal of sense as he explains how dual-battery electric vehicles work in his article. As well as detailing how it works, he also explains how it can improve your travel experience. His perspective towards the future is one that shows a sense of hope for the upcoming effortlessly better performance EV products that will be offered to customers in the future that will meet all of their needs and satisfy them.


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