April 08, 2021

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Green scout Amphibious ATVs

Green scout amphibious ATV

Green scout Amphibious ATVs

What if there is an electric all-terrain vehicle that is amphibious and compatible with exploration? What if a vehicle appears as an amusement park ride and takes a sudden jump over the water from land? Yes, there is one such vehicle manufacturer from Russia and it is the Green scout Amphibious ATV.

Green scout amphibious ATV
Green scout amphibious ATVs

About Green scout

Green scout was set up in the spring of 2017. It was formed from two teams. The first team included geologists who had been working in the field in the extreme north for many years. They came up with the conception of how ideal off-road equipment should look. Their second team includes design engineers whose work is on the creation of various devices and mechanisms as well as solving different non-standard tasks, for a long time.

Green scout
Green scout

As a result, they formed a working team together which managed to solve the difficult task of creating perfect off-road equipment that is also eco-friendly. Currently, they continue developing all kinds of accessories for their electric all-terrain vehicle as well as improving various components of the equipment.

Technical overview

The vehicle has 3KW hub motors in each one of its 6 wheels which give an overall 24 hp. The vehicle has a 100km range as a reserve and a 50W battery pack is available as an extra option.

Green scout
Green scout

The length of the green scout all-terrain vehicle is 3.1m and the width is 1.8m. The vehicle has a height of 1.2m which has a Ground clearance of 450mm.  Green scout weighs up to 450 kg but it can carry 800 kg on land and 1200 kg on water. It has a seating capacity of 6 people and additional space for extra luggage. The amphibious ATV has a top speed of  70 kmph on land and 5 kmph on water.


The vehicle is a perfect option to explore the unknown because it is a zero-emission that doesn’t pollute unexplored areas. And also, the all-terrain ability is enough to tackle the terrain in remote parts of the world. Green scout is open for investments and also active in developing various versions of its ATVs.

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