April 10, 2021

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Hero Lectro’s Women’s E-bicycle.

Hero Lectro's Women's E-bicycle.

Hero Lectro’s Women’s E-bicycle.

Lectro, the electric bicycle division of hero bicycles is undoubtedly a market leader in the Indian E-bicycles. Lectro Bicycles offer various electric bicycle configurations according to customer’s requirement and price expectation. In these Lectro cycles, the C4 E-bicycle is for their female customers who prefer ladies Bicycles at affordable pricing. So, let’s know more about Hero Lectro’s Women’s E-bicycle.

Hero Lectro’s Women’s E-bicycle.

Hero Lectro C4

Even though we live in a time where most women are comfortable riding standard bicycles, it’s not preferable by all. There are women who prefer the bicycle which has a conventional women’s bicycle design. When we take a look at this electric bicycle, it appears as a design that is compatible with female preference along with unisex looks. However, Lectro mentions that this bicycle is for women. Lectro C4 is available in two colours in which the purple cycle appears as it is designed for females. The second colour option is charcoal which appears as a unisex bicycle.

Technical Overview

The bicycle has a 36 V Lithium-ion battery pack which can offer a range of up to 25km. To recharge this battery pack it takes up to 4 hours with the given 36 V 2A charger. The cycle has a 250W hub motor in the rear wheel which can give this bicycle a top speed of 25 kmph. It has 4 different modes which are pedal, cruise,pedalec and throttle in which the pedalec assist mode can offer up to 30 km range. Lectro C4 comes with an LED display that indicates the necessary parameters of the bicycle while riding.

General specifications

The bicycle has an alloy frame with internal battery storage space. It has a front Disc brake and a V brake at the back. Lectro C4 is a single-speed Electric Bicycle which means there is no derailleur setup at the rear.


The cost of Lectro C4 electric bicycle is around 24,000 INR and the battery life is up to 3-years according to battery usage. However, Lectro gives a warranty of 2 years for their battery pack for C4.

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