April 09, 2021

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E-Vega Electric bicycles


E-Vega Electric bicycles

The sales of electric bicycles in India are increasing in number over the last two years. However, automakers in India and around the world are experimenting with the electric bicycle segment. But startups are trying to manufacture electric bicycles which are unique looking and more innovative features. One such startup is E-vega mobility labs from Gujarat that manufactures E-vega Electric bicycles as a simultaneous product.

About E-vega

E-vega mobility labs are from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The startup has its primary focus on the development and operations of lithium battery packs. The startup also manufactures electric bicycles with a mission to offer affordable electric bicycles. They offer three different electric bicycles depending upon the requirement of an average Indian cyclist.

E-vega variants

E-vega offers three different versions of its bicycle. They are Vega E-lite, Vega Hex-56, Vega Optimus-56. 

1) Vega E-Lite

Vega e-lite is the most affordable bicycle with entry-level specifications. This electric bicycle has a High Tensile Steel body frame. The top speed of Vega E-lite is 25-30kmph. Vega E-lite can travel up to 50kms for one single charge which requires 6 hrs.


2) Vega Hex-56

Vega Hex-56 is the second in the E-vega mobility lineup. This Electric Bicycle has an Aluminium 6061 material body frame. The top speed of the E-vega Hex-56 is 25-30kmph. Vega Hex-56 can travel up to 65kms for one single charge which usually takes up to 4 hours and 30 minutes.


3) Vega Optimus-56

Vega Optimus is the flagship in the entire lineup. This electric bicycle has an Aluminium 7005 material body frame. The top speed of Vega Optimus-56 is 25-30kmph which is similar to previous bicycles. This electric bicycle can travel up to 80kms for a single charge which requires only 4 hrs of time.


All of these bicycles are road-legal and cyclists need not require a license to ride.

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