February 06, 2023

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Super 73 e-bicycles cult

super 73 e-bicycles cult

Super 73 e-bicycles cult

When you think about a cult brand in the automotive industry, the vehicle that struck your mind would be a Royal Enfield or Harley Davidson. In recent years Auto major Tesla has also turned into a popular cult EV brand within a short period of time which is now capable to sell vehicles without an advertisement. Let us look into more detail about the Super 73 electric bicycle

super 73 e-bicycles cult
super 73 e-bicycles cult

Now, a startup from South California has achieved the cult brand status, which many brands were desperately trying to achieve. We’re not sure whether their ambition was to become a cult EV maker or not, but their motivation to be beloved is obvious. The startup which we’re about to discuss is Super 73 and they proved the importance of design once again.

Super 73 electric bicycle introduction

America is known for encouraging funky stuff and Super 73 is also part of this. Electric bicycles from Super 73 are totally different from a regular bicycle. The short body, fat tires and the box frame seek your attention right at the moment you look at it. According to Super 73, the inspiration for the design was from 1970s motorcycles. The most surprising fact about Super 73 is its ability to impress young Americans to ride, customise and organize social gatherings for a Bicycle.

Technical overview of Super 73

Super 73 line up has 3 E-bicycle models and different variants in each model. The Electric bicycles have peak motor outputs of 900W to 2000W with respect to model and variants. The battery packs of these variants range from 418Wh to 960Wh. Depending on the rider’s travel requirement, the range of these bicycle variants can be as low as 40 km to as high as 120kms. These Electric bicycles are ready for an urban ride as well as off-terrain ride. Customizations are available in Super 73 according to the rider’s requirement.


Super 73 might be working to make even cool and improvised E-bicycles. Super73 is making people come back to bicycles and pedal as they used to in childhood. They proved that EVs can be cool and funky by making an impact with not only their design but also with performance.

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