February 06, 2023

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Greyp G 5.1 electric bicycle

greyp g 5.1electyric bicycle

Greyp G 5.1 electric bicycle

If you are not aware of Greyp electric bicycles even in 2021, then here is a piece of information to amaze you. Greyp electric bicycle is the sister brand of electric supercar maker Rimac. Just like Rimac, Greyp manufactures its electric bicycles in Croatia. Apart from their background, these bicycles also share the same sophistication and enthusiasm from Rimac. After making a motorcycle equivalent bicycle like G12 S, now the brand has G5 and G6 lineups. Greyp G 5.1 electric bicycle is G5 lineup which is the entry-level electric bicycle from Greyp.

greyp g 5.1electyric bicycle
Greyp g 5.1electyric bicycle

G5.1 Electric bicycle

The G5.1 electric bicycle comes with a statement “Business at the front, party at the back”.So, the purpose of this electric bicycle can be easily understood. The electric bicycle comes with a front and rear camera to capture all of the rider adventures in High definition. The bicycle has an E sim which has antitheft and other remote operation features. The Greyp app provides all the information, riding modes and everything about the bicycle Inside out. The replaceable battery pack can also charge devices with the USB outlet in a bicycle.

Technical overview

Greyp G5.1 comes with a custom Lithium-ion battery pack which is 36V 700Wh and a 36V 4A charger. The replaceable battery pack is made just like Rimac’s battery pack. The electric bicycle has a 250W mid-drive motor and a 9-speed derailleur which makes this electric bicycle license free to ride. The frame of this bicycle is made with T700 carbon fibre which makes it lightweight. G5.1 has a mobile app for android/ios and it has other connectivity features like a 3G E sim module, Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi module and USB Type-C. The electric bicycle can carry a rider weighing up to 125Kg and offers various levels of pedal assist.


Greyp G5.1 electric bicycle is customizable according to the rider in terms of rider’s weight and riding position. The cost of this electric bicycle is 3,97,000 INR approx. (4499€).

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