February 23, 2024

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Human hybrid EV

Human hybrid EV

Human hybrid EV

What if the joy of riding a bicycle and the performance of a motorcycle are combined together in one vehicle which is a zero-emission EV? Don’t try to think or build any such vehicle because it already exists in Germany and the name of this EV is EROCKIT. This two-wheeler is fun, fast like most of the German automobiles which are ”Autobahn friendly” and a human hybrid EV. 

Erockit is a German EV manufacturer co-founded by Andreas Zurwehme. The exhilaration and thrill in riding this motorcycle seem to be the topmost priority for him. The most important and considerable specifications of this motorcycle are that it has a top speed of 89kmph and a range of 120kms which are apt for urban driving conditions. It can also be your greatest calorie-burning fitness partner with its pedals and range that can take you out of the city.

Bicycle or motorcycle?

For those who were already confused while trying to figure out whether this is a bicycle or motorcycle, here’s the clarification. Erockit is technically a motorcycle with a 6.6kwh battery pack and 89kmph top speed. Hence the vehicle has to be registered and rider needs a valid two-wheeler license too.

How does it work?

This Human hybrid EV has a unique control mechanism. The Erockit doesn’t come with an accelerator and the speed of the vehicle is controlled by the speed of rider pedalling. The faster you pedal, the more power from the battery goes to the permanent magnet synchronous motor which is connected to the belt-driven rear wheel. This is how your pedal power controls the power flow from battery pack which makes it run like a motorcycle while pedalling frequency increases. So, it’s a PEDAL CONTROLLED but not PEDAL POWERED motorcycle. Now your upcoming doubt is ” Can I ride it only by pedalling if the battery pack runs out?”. The answer is ”no” for the existing Erockit. The pedal is connected only to the speed amplifying mechanism and not to the rear wheel like a bicycle. There might be an optional pedal ride feature as an upgrade in an upcoming version.

Is it available for purchase?

Andreas Zurwehme(CEO of Erockit)and his team with Mrs Mukta Dutta (Indian ambassador to Germany)

Erockit has one variant with a single motor and battery configuration and the cost is 11850€(10,42,800INR) at the moment. We are curious to know whether the company might be interested in entering the Indian two-wheeler market because the official website mentions the largest Indian two-wheeler market and the visit of Indian Ambassador in Germany Mrs Mukta Dutta Tomar to Erockit in 2019. Our perception of this vehicle as a ”Rich man’s toy” might fade away if Erockit opens a production facility in India which cuts the cost or make an affordable version for riders belonging to the middle-income group.

For more info on Erockit

eROCKIT-The Human Hybrid

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