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Electric Vehicles Market Report on India 2018

Electric Vehicles Market Report on India 2018

No doubt, Electric Vehicle industry going to give a boost to the Indian market in 2019. However, there is a need for a recap on the market of electric vehicles in Inda 2018. Below is the Electric Vehicles Market Report on India in 2018.

Electric Vehicles Market Report on India 2018

Electric Vehicles Sales Report on India 2018

  • Indian government spent almost 300+ crores on EV subsidies through FAME Scheme.
  • Electric Two-wheeler holds 60% of electric vehicle market share in India.
  • Electric three-wheeler and 4 wheeler hold the remaining 40% market share.
  • Uttar Pradesh tops in the electric two-wheeler sales.
  • According to FAME India, as of December 31, 2018, more than 2 lakh electric vehicle sold.

Electric Vehicles Startups in India 2018

Electric Vehicles Policies in India 2018

Electric Vehicles Summits and Conferences happened in India 2018

  • EV EXPO 2018
  • Electric Vehicles India Summit 2018
  • Move India Summit 2018
  • Indian EV summit 2018 – Chennai Edition

Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure in India 2018

Electric Vehicles Launched  in India 2018

Manufacturers and dealers hope on FAME II launch in 2019.

This report is a brief on the EV market in India 2018. We gathered an ample amount of data on electric vehicles market statistics in India and presenting this report.

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