June 12, 2024

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AP Government Electric Mobility Policy 2018-23

AP Government Electric Mobility Policy

AP Government Electric Mobility Policy Highlights:

  • 60,000 employment oppurtunities
  • Battery manufacturing units in Amaravati
  • 30,000 crores investment by 2030
  • 10 GWh advanced battery manufacturing units
Ap government
AP Government Electric Mobility Policy

The state government of AP focuses on electric mobility to reduce pollution levels in the capital city Amaravati. As a part of green mobility 10,000 government vehicles will convert into electric vehicles by Energy Efficiency Services Limited(EESL) company.

Andhra Pradesh government to launch two electric cars manufactured by Toyota by the end of 2018. Toyota PHV hybrid, it costs 50 lakhs and gives a maximum range of 65 km. Toyota Camry hybrid costs 10 lakhs as a part of the partnership with Toyota for electric mobility in Andhra Pradesh.

AP Government Electric Mobility Policy 2018
AP Government Electric Mobility Policy 2018-23

Avera electric vehicles already started their manufacturing unit in Amaravati.In addition to that government planning to launch electric vehicles charging stations by the last quarter of December.

AP Government Electric Mobility Policy 2018-23

The state government of Andhra Pradesh has passed electric mobility policy 2018-23 to promote eco-friendly electric vehicles.

According to the policy, 1 lakh EV charging stations will be built by 2024, all the government buses, commercial vehicles will be made electric by 2024 in the state. To provide 60,000 jobs to youth in the state and reaching a target of 30,000 crores investments by 2024 are the main targets.

A Glimpse of AP Government Electric Mobility Policy

  • 10% subsidy for the two electric car manufacturing firms.
  • Stamp duty and GST reimbursements on purchase or lease of land in Amaravathi.
  • No registration fee on Electric vehicles.
  • Development of EV manufacturing hubs.
  • 10 lakh electric vehicles on roads in the next 5 years.

Summary of AP Government Electric Mobility Policy

As the pollution levels increasing day by day, the vision towards electric mobility becomes a significant factor in India. Andhra Pradesh electric mobility policy is a definitely helps EV manufacturers and Battery manufactures. However, 1 lakh charging stations in the state is a challenging thing to achieve.

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