June 13, 2024

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know things before you buy an Electric Vehicle

before you buy an Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicles are all in the news currently. Its unique features eco-friendly, high speed and no noise attracting the customers globally. Unique features make Electric Vehicles different from other gasoline Vehicles as it creates very less amount of air and noise pollution. Below are a few things that you should know before you buy an Electric vehicle (EV).

12 things you need to know before buying an Electric Vehicle

Check whether its used or new Electric Vehicle?

The EV market is also popular in used or second-hand vehicles. It is growing, provides electric driving experiences. If going for used vehicles check for mileage, worn tires, rust, ANCAP ratings, money owing etc.
Inspection is much needed for used cars as it is a battery based vehicle. Battery status needs to be checked. Most of the vehicles converted with DC motors don’t have regenerative brakes, brake pads need to be replaced. check for the vehicles paperwork is updated.

Is it the perfect vehicle for you?

If you are the person who drives for 200 km every day than EV is not for you. It best suits for the everyday travel in cities. If you charge the EV for a night or even at the workplace you are good to go till 70 miles.

Maintenance is easy in EV than the conventional vehicles

EVs can be maintained easily compared to conventional cars as they don’t have fuel or combustion parts. The battery management software and also battery leasing schemes make the owner worry free.

The battery of an EV is too expensive

Batteries just like your mobile, laptop or tablet but will be in larger in size and costs much more. Lithium batteries are highly expensive and can be said as the half of the price of the car.

Some EVs travels hundreds of miles

Some EVs can travel up to a hundred miles such as Tesla’s Model S, which travels for 330 miles and some 452 miles.

Charge your EVs at home

You can charge your EV at home while you sleep at night. Simply hooking up the charger every night will charge your EV just like your mobile.

EVs are quiet and relaxing

The EV is all popular for its quiet and relaxing feature. The pure EV gives you very calm and comfortable drive.

EVs are kind to the environment

The most significant feature of an EV is it’s eco-friendly. Its meant for its zero emission.

How long EVs battery will last

It is purely dependant on the battery type and usage of the battery.

Do I have access to charge an EV?

Yes, you can charge your EV at home at your comfort, if that is not possible then you can find an EV at your nearest place’s public charging station.

Where do you leave?

In cold conditions, batteries, won’t support you. EVs are getting better every day but an EV can reduce its range up to 57% in such conditions.

Consumes time while filling up

It takes a maximum of 20 minutes to 8 hours (old vehicles) to charge an EV which is much more when compared to fuel based vehicles.

A decision to pick the hybrid or pure electric vehicle

There are three main types of Electric Vehicles, plug-in hybrids (PHEV) and hybrids (HEV), There are also pure electric vehicles (EV or PEV) and fuel cell electric cars (FCEV). The choice is to decide for which you want to go for.


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