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50 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Vizag

50 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Vizag

In order to control the internal combustion engine vehicles pollution in Vizag, the steel city of Andhra Pradesh taken a step to switch over electric vehicles. Pollution increases along with the population in respective areas, the C.M of Andhra Pradesh, Nara Chandra Babu Naidu has taken steps towards E-mobility by introducing electric cars in APEPDCL(Eastern Power Distribution Company of Andhra Pradesh Ltd) Vizag to control the pollution.

VIZAG APEPDCL Bought 10 Electric Cars

Earlier the APEPDCL ordered 45 electric vehicles from EESL, in the first phase the company supplied 10 electric cars, the government officials stated that they have taken an initiative to support electric vehicles by utilizing electric cars in government offices, as a first step APEPDCL introduced 15 Electric Vehicle charging stations in the major locations of Visakhapatnam.

EPDCL CMD H.Y.Dora About EVs in Vizag

The chief managing Director of APEPDCL Visakhapatnam, H.Y.Dora stated in an interview that ” The APEPDCL made an agreement with EESL to provide 45 electric cars, on the first phase they issued 10 electric cars, each electric vehicle cost around 12 lakhs, for 1 km the charge price will be 1 rupee,range is around 140 km, it can protect nature as well because of zero emission, their efficiency also more”.

50 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Vizag
50 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Vizag

As an order from the A.P chief minister, the Visakapatanam district collector Praveen Kumar already started using an electric car.

Exicom Wins APEPDCL Tender for Development of Charging Infrastructure

Exicom is an electric vehicle charging station facility firm owns the tender for maintaining charging stations, its repairs. The contract time is for 5 years.

Fuel Costs: Diesel vs Electric Vehicles

1-liter diesel price-72 rupees

Mileage for 1-liter diesel – 15 km

Price for 1 km – 5 rupees approx

1 UNIT electricity price 7 rupees (Approx)

Mileage for 1 unit electricity – 7 km

Price for 1 km – 1 rupee approx

50 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Vizag

50 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Vizag
50 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Vizag

The government already launches 15 charging stations in various regions in Visakhapatnam, some of them are

  • Dondaparthy Subdivision
  • Walteru Subdivision
  • Town Distribution Subdivision
  • Pendurthi substation
  • BHPV, Gajuwaka substation
  • Srinagar, Gajuwaka Substation
  • Malkapuram, Gajuwaka substation
  • Gopalapatnam substation.

Apart from the working 12 charging stations, there are 38 more charging stations are to set up in the next days.
Government to set up charging stations in GHMC offices, Railway stations, RTC complex, shopping malls.

Fast Charging Stations

The average electric car charging time is 8 hours, but he EPDCL circle charging station can charge an electric car in under 90 minutes. The EPDCL ENERGY convener CGM Sarthkumar announced that new advanced technology has been implemented in the EV Charing facilities in Visakapatanam.

Charging Cost Details

Charge per unit electricity is 6.95, for an electric car it takes around 15 to 18 units for a full charge that means it cost around 125 rupees for a full charge , with a cost price of 1.5-liter diesel you can run an electric car for a range of 105 to 126 KM.

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