November 27, 2022

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Citroen all-electric E-C4

Citroen all-electric E-C4

Citroen all-electric E-C4

A few months ago, French automaker Citroen showcased an electric car called E-C4. This E-C4 is an electric version of Citroen Internal Combustion  C4. So, let’s know more about Citroen all-electric E-C4. 

About E-C4

According to Citroen, The E-C4 is 100% electric and is a new concept at the heart of its segment, with a unique and bold identity. Regarding the looks, Citroen says its elevated and assertive stance, the body shape manages to combine the elegance and dynamism of a saloon while subtly adopting certain SUV standards for added strength and character. Even though this electric car appears like an SUV, Citroen confirms that E-C4 is a hatchback. The car is a 5 seater and weighs around 1600kg.

Technical Overview

As per the Citroen range claims, the E-C4 offers a real range of up to 350km on a WLTP standard. The actual range may vary according to various parameters like Driving style, carried load, etc. This electric car can accelerate from 0-100 kmph in 9.7 seconds and it can reach a top speed of 150 kmph. The vehicle has 3 driving modes which are Eco, Normal and Sport mode on the driving mode selection.

It has a 50kWh battery pack which supports standard charging and fast charging. The home charger is 7.4 kW and 11kW Charger in which the 11kW charger takes up to 5 hours for a full recharge. However, the 100 kW fast charger takes up to 30 min for recharging the battery pack up to 80%.

There is a dedicated Citroen app for indicating the charging status, range and also thermal preconditioning. There is a handset that displays essential information related to the electrical. Statistics allow you to know your electricity consumption and optimize your driving. 

Citroen is now a new entry into the Indian market and if it is a successful competitor in the future then this car may hit Indian roads very soon.

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