June 15, 2024

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Full-Fledged EVs in India launch by Citroen by 2025

Full-Fledged EVs in India

Full-Fledged EVs in India, Citroen India will launch full-fledged Electric Vehicles in India by 2025. The company will line up with its parent company PSA Groupe.

Full-Fledged EVs in India launch by Citroen by 2025

It aims to have 100 percent of electrified vehicles globally by 2025. The electric vehicles will be manufactured in India with a high level of localization.

The company’s EVs will share the platform with the cars which are made in India and also shares the design and nameplates with the Indian models.


The PSA’s entire range will move to new platforms- The EMP2 and the CMP platforms.

The first EMP2 platform is meant for the medium and large size cars which will have a front wheel and all-wheel drive layouts. It also includes the top hats from SUVs to MPVs to sedans. This platform includes cars with ICE and hybrid power trains.

For the CMP platform, similar to the EMP2 platform, it will have ICE and hybrid powertrains, top hats, front wheel, and all-wheel-drive layouts. It will include small and compact cars.


Both the platforms will have hybrids, the two platforms are also future ready with some autonomous driving technology which may cost higher. The autonomous driving cannot be imagined at present maybe we can expect it in the future. 

PF1 platform

In India, both hybrid and autonomous driving will take some time. Citreon has taken a sensible step by picking up the tried and tested PF1 platform instead.

PF1 less complicated, more cost-effective and suits better in India. It designed to make fully electric vehicles with a high level of local content. This Citroen’s move in India in electric should be in the company’s favor.


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