May 23, 2024

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India’s first solar electric ferry

Navalt aditya

India’s first solar electric ferry

Aditya is the first solar electric ferry from India and it was built by Navalt Solar and Electric Boats. The boat manufacturer is from Kerala and its initial operation is in Kerala State Water Transport Department. This ferry is the first commercially viable mode of transport powered by solar energy in India and the world. Now, it’s time to know more about India’s first solar electric ferry.

Navalt aditya

About Aditya

The State Water Transport Department of Kerala operates about 100 ferry boats of different sizes from 75 to 100 passengers all over the state. These boats all single-hull boats, either made of wood or steel and powered by a diesel engine. 

Around 2013, these boats became unsustainable due to the increasing operational costs. This is the problem where Navalt steps in with their alternative. The zero-emission and the pleasant ride are an added advantage of Aditya. 


Aditya redefines inland water transport across the country and it is already in operation for more than 4 years. Also, it is the winner of the Gustave Trouve Award for the World’s Best Electric Ferry in 2020. 

Usually, if we purchase a similar solar electric ferry from Europe, it may cost us around 7 crores INR. Astonishingly, Navalt is able to manufacture a similar solar electric ferry within half of the European price which is around 3-4 crores. 

Technical overview

Aditya has a catamaran hull with a decrease in drag up to 1/3rd when compared to a ferry with a similar size. The solar electric ferry requires two 20kW AC motors for going ahead. The solar panels on top of this ferry can recharge it for 6 hours of operation on a proper sunny day. The lithium cell battery pack can offer a range of 85km and the ferry can reach a top speed of 14kmph. It has a seating capacity of 75 passengers.   

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