March 03, 2021

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Zero SR/F electric motorcycle

Zero SR/F electric motorcycle

Zero SR/F electric motorcycle

For those people who are interested in automotive news, the name Zero motorcycles aren’t strange. Zero motorcycles is also the name known to people who are curious to know about EVs. If you are still new to Zero motorcycles then here’s a little info.

Zero is an American motorcycle brand that manufactures electric motorcycles of various categories. The company aims to provide a great riding experience with the advancements of electrification. One of their recent and most advanced motorcycles is Zero SR/F which is a street motorcycle. Let’s take a look at the Zero SR/F electric motorcycle.

About Zero SR/F

Zero SR/F is definitely one of the best-looking electric street motorcycles. Apart from looks the motorcycle also got some advanced tech. The motorcycle runs on the Cypher III operating system which is also made by Zero. The company claims Zero SR/F to be the world’s first fully smart motorcycle. There’s a dedicated app for Cypher III which allows the rider and Zero SR/F motorcycle to stay connected.

Technical overview

There are two variants in Zero SR/F motorcycles according to the rider requirement. They are the Standard variant and premium variant. Considering the premium variant, the motorcycle has a top speed of 198kmph. The premium variant has a range of 320kms which is remarkable for a compact motorcycle. Fast charging in the premium version is also very practical with the 6KW charger. The fast charging can boost the battery pack from 2-95 per cent only in 1 hour. This fast charging is enough to prove the motorcycle reliability because 1 hour is enough for a break in a long ride.

The mechanical specifications of the motorcycles seem practical too. Zero SR/F is belt-driven with direct drive transmission. The weight of the motorcycle is around 225 kgs and it can carry up to 228kgs.

Zero SR/F overview

The cost of the bike will be around 15 lakh INR which is reasonable for an American made motorcycle. The motorcycle comes with a 2-year warranty and the battery pack has a 5-year warranty for unlimited miles.

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