November 28, 2022

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Tesla Model S Plaid

Tesla Model S Plaid

Tesla, an electric automaker that often surprises the EV world is now ready with another surprising performance upgrade version. It is an upgrade of the Tesla Model S and the automaker names it as Model S plaid. Tesla claims that plaid is not only the quickest Tesla but also one of the quickest production cars. So, it’s time to know more about Tesla Model S Plaid.

About Model S plaid.

Model S is undoubtedly the catalyst of Tesla’s success and revealed EV potential to the globe. This is due to the invasion of the Model S into the performance sedan club which is an IC-dominated category until Tesla’s arrival. Now, Tesla aims to take this impressive performance of Model S to next level by offering an upgrade as the plaid. 

Model S plaid interior

The interior of the Model S reminds us again about its performance. This is due to the steering which is in a rectangular shape. It appears as the combination of a steering wheel and a joystick from a gaming console. All the relevant information to the driver will be on the screen behind the steering wheel. 

Also, there is a 17″ infotainment display on the center of the dashboard which is compatible with wireless gaming consoles.

Technical Overview

Here are the interesting claims of Tesla about the Model S Plaid that can make Ludicrous mode a thing of the past. The acceleration of 0-60 mph is possible in 1.9 seconds (with rollout subtracted) with its tri-motor all-wheel drive. It can offer a top speed of up to 320 km/h and the range of the electric car is around 560km.

With these specification claims, Model S plaid overtakes the competitors on 1/4 mile drag race while offering a sedan comfort. Also, the Model S plaid will set a new benchmark again just like the Model S which has been a primary target for most of Tesla’s competitors.

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