April 08, 2021

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World’s quickest 3-wheeler from Daymak

World’s quickest 3-wheeler from Daymak

EVs enjoy their win over IC due to their fastest acceleration. But now, the same acceleration is heating up the competition in EVs. Generally, EVs like Aspark, Rimac and Tesla will strike our brains when we think about the topic of acceleration. But the Canadian EV maker Daymak claims that they have an electric 3-wheeler that can accelerate up to 96 kmph in just 1.8 seconds. This impressive acceleration definitely will definitely make us curious to know more about World’s quickest 3-wheeler from Daymak.

About Daymak

Daymak, a Toronto-based company incorporated in 2002, is a developer and distributor of personal light electric vehicles. Their goal is to make outstanding clean vehicles that make a positive impact on the environment for today and future generations. Daymak is not just an average EV maker because it always has focused on increasing EV performance. 3- years ago Daymak made efforts to build c5 go-kart which is powered by jet and electric power to achieve the fastest acceleration possible.

Now, they are again planning to make Spiritus Ultimate that might enter the quickest EVs club. Daymak Spiritus Ultimate is the output of designers and engineers with years of experience and months of testing.

Technical overview

According to Daymak, their Spiritus Ultimate variant can accelerate up to 96 kmph in just 1.8 seconds. The all-wheel-drive can give an output of 147 KW and it can reach a top speed of 208 kmph. It has an 80KW battery pack that can offer a range of around 480km. The battery pack can hold a charge for 20km in 1 hour with a 110V charger and the regenerative braking offers 240V at 48 kmph.


The 2 seater frame of this vehicle is a Carbon fibre monohull. It has 4 airbags for safety and 4 cameras for 360° vision. Daymak aims to make this car available in 2023-25 and the price of this car is around 1.1 crore INR. 

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