April 08, 2021

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Kune verda LEF electric trike


KuneVerda LEF electric trike

Trikes are mostly used by people who prefer riding a compact vehicle like a two-wheeler and at the same time, they require safety. In the pre sent market, we can see a lot of trikes available across the globe. But most of these trikes are for riders with a valid driving license. To provide a safe alternative for rider’s without a license, a dutch company came up with a low-speed KuneVerda LEF electric trike.

LEF®s in a row

About KuneVerda LEF

LEF is an electric trike that is apt to travel from A to B in an economical and sustainable way. The vehicle is developed in the Netherlands and is built from recyclable materials.

Technical Overview

The LEF is powered by a 1 KW electric hub motor in the right rear wheel. The electric motor runs on a LiFePo battery pack. The charger for the battery pack is built-in so recharging en route is no problem with a standard outlet.

In LEF, the seating posture is similar to a supercar with an adjustable steering wheel and switches for direction indicators,  horn. In addition to this, features like regenerative braking and cruise control are also available in LEF. Under the steering wheel, we can find the throttle lever and a hydraulic brake lever.

The display will provide you with additional information about travel distance, an ODO meter, battery status, etc. The vehicle also provides a key-contact switch, a select switch for the battery-packs, and a fan to keep the screen clear of internal condensation in the cabin. You can choose between a 10Ah battery, a 20Ah battery, or both for providing 30Ah. A respective range of 30, 60 to 90 kilometres is provided with a top speed of 25 kmph. The LEF is suitable to drive on bicycle paths or on urban roads.



Your LEF is available in the colours red, blue, green, orange and grey. You can customize or expand your LEF with different options such as a larger battery-pack, sunshade, solar-smart parking box, luggage bag, advertising  USB charger, etc.

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