April 08, 2021

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Wuling overtook Tesla sales

Wuling overtook Tesla sales

Hong Guang Mini EV became popular by overtaking Tesla Model 3 sales for the first two months of 2021 and earning the best-selling EV title. This micro hatch is from Wuling Motors that is in partnership with the Chinese firm SAIC and GM from the US. Since this car is able to take the position of best-selling EV, there is a need to know more about How Hong Guang Mini EV from Wuling overtook Tesla sales.

About Hong Guang Mini EV

Hong Guang Mini EV is a micro hatch but for 4 people, which makes it an Asian city-compatible car. It is available with two battery options in which a 9.3 kWh battery pack offers a range up to 120 km. The second battery pack option is a 13.8 kWh battery pack which can offer around 170 km. A single electric motor powers this car which generates a peak output of 17.4 HP and a maximum torque of 85 Nm. The top speed of the electric vehicle is ar at 100 kmph and it can cost around 3-3.2 lakh INR.

The Top spot

Now let’s know about the factors which supported the Hong Guang Mini EV to take the top spot. We are aware of the fact that China has a large population and it is the world’s biggest car market. And just by looking at the above specifications of Hong Guang Mini EV, it is obvious that this car targets the Asian middle class.

Wuling overtook Tesla sales

Apart from the reasonable specifications, Hong Guang Mini EV has a design that is unique. We expect this design to be an added bonus for this car to be the best in its segment. It’s so best that it took over the local giant manufacturers and upcoming Chinese startups for now.


Whether there is rivalry or not, the market is a competitive space for sure. But this doesn’t impact the aspiring Tesla owners and fanboys.

Wuling overtook Tesla sales

Tesla Model 3 is a car for the global market while Hong Guang Mini EV is a car for selected markets. However, there is a curiosity towards Tesla due to their upcoming model for the Chinese market.

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