October 26, 2020

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Know all about AI & IoT-enabled technology in electric vehicles 

AI & IoT-enabled technology in electric vehicles 

Know all about AI & IoT-enabled technology in electric vehicles 

AI and IoT technologies can be seen in many electric vehicles. You must have heard about India’s first AI-enabled electric motorcycle, RV400 launched in India by Rahul Sharma, Revolt Motors. It is India’s first fully-electric AI-enabled motorcycle available in the market. Let us now read more about AI and IoT-enabled technology in electric vehicles. 

Realising the future and full potential of IoT devices will require an investment in new technologies. The convergence of AI and IoT can redefine the way industries, business, and economies functions. AI-enabled IoT creates intelligent machines that simulate smart behaviour and supports in decision making with little or no human interference.

What is AI and IoT-enabled means?

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are powerful technologies when it combines AIoT which is the artificial intelligence of things.

Self-driving technology & Startups working on it in India-Part-I

We can say IoT as the digital nervous system while AI is the brain of a system. In other words, IoT, Internet of things here things for example bikes, scooters, digital assistants, refrigerators, wearable devices, sensors and other such equipment are connected to the Internet. The connected devices recognise, collects and process the data for the IoT.

As we all are aware of the fact internet means a source of smart ways. Artificial intelligence is when a system can complete a set of tasks or learn from data in a way that seems intelligent.

When artificial intelligence is added to the internet of things it means that those devices can analyze data and make decisions and act on that data without involvement by humans. These devices can help drive efficiency and effectiveness and the intelligence of AIoT enables data analytics is used to optimise a system and creates a higher performance.

The AIoT is a powerful and important tool that can be used in many applications such as an application with a camera will have the capability of recognising faces and many more. Several electric manufactures have used this technology in their electric vehicles, for example, A team at Rayvolt has built a futuristic next level ‘X one’ electric bike which is equipped with the facial recognition and voice commands features just like our iPhones.
Rayvolt X One e-bike Controlled by facial movements & voice commands.

Rayvolt X One e-bike Controlled by facial movements & voice commands

This technology is in high demand in Health care, manufacturing, banking, Automotive, Retail, etc.


  • Analytics to predict equipment failure ahead of time.
  • Increases the operational efficiency
  • Enable improved products and services
  • Enhance risk management
  • Smarter actions
  • Ensure fast and accurate analysis
  • Balance requirements for a localized and centralized intelligence

The IoT global market revenue will reach approximately USD 1.1 trillion by 2025. According to International Data Corporation, the global IoT connections will rise with a 17 per cent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) from 7 billion to 25 billion between the years 2017 to 2025.

An American roboticist, David Hanson the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hanson Robotics invented AI that could mirror human intelligence but also enabled it to show human emotion.

AI and IoT-enabled technology in electric vehicles

Electric vehicles industry is growing rapidly day by day to curb the pollution levels in the country. It has now entered into the online delivery space and AI and IoT-enabled scooters aim to ensure efficiency and safety of the goods as well as the driver. It is transforming the entire delivery sector.

Delivery services lead 8% and 18% of urban traffic flows

With the rise and development of the technology and the internet, we can also see the growth of the online delivery services from groceries to the food items to all the essentials. Delivering these essentials are trouble in every big and small city in the country.

According to data by MDS Transmodal Limited, these delivery services represent between 8 and 18 per cent of urban traffic flows.  The online delivery services will reduce the capacity of the roads by 30% in the coming years as the demand will rise in the coming years.

The delivery vehicles are responsible for about 20 per cent of CO2 emissions in urban areas. It also leads to traffic congestions that is why many electric vehicle companies are enabling modern technologies like AI and IoT in their vehicles.

Delivery giants looking for e-scooters

The delivery giants are looking forward to e-scooters instead of petrol or diesel vehicles. However, using EVs have some problems such as charging stations, charging time, limited autonomy in hilly areas, technical malfunctions of engines and batteries. But now, AI and IoT technologies have come up with a solution for all these problems.

AI and IoT in electric scooters

AI and IoT have changed the entire delivery services especially electric vehicles. Most of the vehicles used by the delivery executives are AI and IoT enabled which lets to monitor the driver’s behaviour for timely and safe delivery of goods.

Many companies are also using AI and IoT electric scooters which are equipped with cellular, GPS, and accelerometer technology. The technology also uses machine learning to interpret the habits of their riders to check the dangers.

Not only this the Electric vehicles also come with features like navigation assist, ride statistics, remote diagnostics, voice-enabled app, anti-theft alarm and lock, speedometer call alerts, and ride behaviour-based artificial intelligence suggestions, which can be used in case of an emergency.

AI and IoT help the electric scooters to connect to the driver’s smartphones and stores all the related data on the cloud. The Cloud connectivity is available 24 hours which allows the uses to monitor the performance of the vehicle even when the driver is not around.

AI and IoT in charging stations

AI and IoT have also improved the battery charging technology of electric vehicles and it has also reduced the time it takes to stop at the stations. The EVs companies are also monitoring the state of the battery while charging it.

Manufacturers using AI and IoT technology 

ION Energy

A Mumbai-based energy storage startup ION Energy building the brain, the battery management system for battery packs. The startup is using software analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the performance of EV batteries.


Amritsar based eBikeGo rental solution provider company for electric scooters has last month announced a complete mobility solution for unemployment in India. The bike rental company is creating employment and synergy amongst the company, drivers and AI and IoT enabled e-scooters for timely and safe driving. 

eBikeGo works with many different companies to transform the fleets to electric. The startup has successfully provided fleet solutions to the delivery companies such as Zomato, Delhivery, Ferns & Petals, Gostops, Big Basket, Ninja Cart amongst others.

There are manufacturers who wants to add AI and IoT enabled technology to their electric vehicles. The delivery giants are opting more and more AI and IoT enabled technology in most of their electric scooters today to ensure the safety of their goods and drivers. 

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