February 26, 2024

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Etrance by PureEV

Etrance by PureEV

Etrance by PureEV

Mopeds are successful in the Indian market and most of the Indian manufacturers made efforts to make a moped-style vehicle. They are smaller, lighter and fuel-efficient when compared to motorcycles. In simple terms, a moped is a vehicle for everyone just like a bicycle. But today, most of them are permitted to rural areas because urban riders preferred scooters and motorcycles. Now an electric 2-Wheeler that is more than just a moped is available on Indian two-wheeler which is easy to ride for anyone and its Etrance by Pure EV

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 About Etrance

Pure EV is an electric vehicle startup that is incubated at IIT Hyderabad. They manufacture most of the 2-wheeler category vehicles from bicycles to motorcycles. Pure EV has a different vehicle in their lineup which is similar to a mobike named Etrance. The vehicle is a hybrid between a moped and bicycle so they categorized as a mobike. Etrance comes with a pillion seat and different levels of pedal assist.


Just because Etrance is compared with bicycle or moped doesn’t mean it just like bicycle and moped in terms of function. An IC moped pedal is used to start the engine. Depending on the pedal without ignition makes a moped difficult to ride. But in Etrance, constant pedalling makes it to move at a slow speed. Also, if it’s compared to a bicycle the Etrance is better because the load capability and speed is higher. Let’s take a look at Etrance specifications.


The specifications which are considered to be important are mentioned below



Top speed 


Charge time 

3-4 hrs 

Pedal assist 


Gradeability angle 


Loading capacity  



Etrance seems to be a vehicle for Everyone. It’s compatible with teenagers, youngsters and the elderly. Etrance is available in 5 different colours. In terms of the commercial aspect, it’s practical for fleet operations and deliveries.

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