June 13, 2021

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An electric bicycle made out of washing machine parts-Spin Cycle

electric bicycle

An electric bicycle made out of washing machine parts 

During this coronavirus pandemic crisis, there is a huge loss to the economic but amidst the lockdown, several good things have also happened. Many people have developed some of the other good habits such as maintaining health, fitness and some have become chefs at their homes, the birthday and anniversary celebration cakes prepared at home whether its a perfect or made for the first time. The lockdown has given time for the people to rejuvenate themselves and for the environment. People have also got some time to rework on their talents and skills. The lockdown has given rise to many ideas and innovations among the people. Till now we have heard about the Indian jugaads (an Indian word for a flexible approach to solving a problem by using limited resources in an innovative way). As social distancing is mandatory now and travelling in public transportation imagination has ended up some amazing innovations such as a modified e-rickshaw and a COVID-19 e-bike earlier. “Spin Cycle” an amazing electric bicycle built using a 1,100 watt brushless direct current motor from a washing machine, let us now read more about it. 

Electric bicycle

COVID-19 made people innovative-Electric rickshaw & bike innovation

But now we have got some innovation during the lockdown to maintain social distance. People are looking for more forms of transport and many are choosing bicycles. In this innovation, the washing machine is converted into an electric bike which means the washing machines parts has been used to convert the bicycle.

Redditor, Jimminecraftguy, made a “Spin Cycle” an amazing electric bicycle built using a 1,100 watt brushless direct current motor from a washing machine. The motor is equipped into the centre triangle of the bike’s frame and connected its drive gear to one of the front chainrings to send power to the rear wheel.

The Spin Cycle is more like a pedal-assisted electric moped. It has been modified a little to run on 48 volts, Everything except the motor has been custom fabricated including the mounts and the electronics. The electric bicycle is capable to provide a speed of around 110 kph (68 mph). The bike’s creator is focusing on extending the range of the machine by building a battery pack trailer.

Graeme Obree made electric bicycle which won the world champion

Graeme Obree a popular Scottish racing cyclist also known as the Flying Scotsman who broke the hour world record twice in July 1993 and April 1994. He had dismantled his washing machine to “borrow” its bearings and side panels. The bearings are able to spin smoothly at the immensely high speed was needed for Obree to manufacture his unique narrow bottom bracket (where the cranks attach to the frame) as no bike manufacturers of the day could satisfy his demands.

With his homemade electric bike, Obree has set many records and become world champion and he has become world champion and compete at the 1996 Summer Olympics. Have you also ever tried to dismantle something to make something else? 

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