April 09, 2021

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Fendt e100 electric tractor

fendt e100

Fendt e100 electric tractor

Fendt tractors which is a division of AGCO has an electric tractor called e100. The agro machinery maker offers the first practical, all-electric tractor which can perform any task in a sustainable way. With the electric drive, the Fendt e100 Vario is suitable for working in enclosed spaces because there are no exhaust fumes. Let’s take a look at Fendt e100 electric tractor from AGCO.

About Fendt e100

The conventional interfaces on this tractor will allow all currently available implements that are compatible with diesel tractors. Due to its battery power, the maximum torque to be transferred from the first revolution of the wheels. Also, the electrified implements allow you to work really efficiently as there is no loss of flow or losses due to mechanical elements. This future-ready and economical tractor will not only reduces energy costs but also the cost of maintenance and service of the tractor.

Technical overview

Most of the Farms are capable of generating their own self-sufficient renewable energy. With this advantage, the e100 doesn’t use endless resources during production. We can charge the e100 tractor with electricity from biomass, solar power, hydroelectricity or wind power.

The Fendt e100 Vario allows the use of conventional as well as electrified implements. The electric tractor is fitted with two power interfaces for electrical equipment. A short-term boost of up to 150 kW for the implements can be provided by the battery. A standard PTO connection is also available, as well as the normal hydraulic supply to implements. 


The management of energy and tractor functions can be monitored conveniently via app. In addition to this, comforts like pre-heating in winter or air conditioning in summer can be easily controlled in charge mode. A regulated electrical heat pump runs the task of air conditioning the cab, battery and electronics.  

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