April 14, 2024

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Performance electric motorcycle ‘Prana’ by Ex-Tesla Engineer

performance electric motorcycle Prana

Electric Motorcycle manufactured by Ex-Tesla Engineer named Mohan Ramasamy. He started an EV startup company, Srivaru Motors in India to manufacture a performance Electric Motorcycle for the Indian market.

Performance electric motorcycle ‘Prana’ by Ex-Tesla Engineer

He founded Srivaru Motors and its first product is said to be a performance electric motorcycleThe company was set up recently when he returned to India. Mohan Ramasamy was staying in America for two decades and he is back to India now, he wants to change the EV landscape.

Though the EV industry is growing little by little, many are showing interest in the electric vehicles as the EV industry’s future is bright. Since last year we have witnessed hundreds of EV startups have formed.

Performance electric motorcycle ‘Prana’

As we all know Tesla is the most popular brand making EV with good appearance, fast, reliable and of course the long-range. Tesla’s expertise is going to be used in the development of the electric performance motorcycle in India through Mohan Ramasamy and his startup.

Electric motorcycle specifications 

The startups’ first product will be called Prana. The electric performance power details have not been revealed but the performance details are revealed. It will have a accelerate from 0-60km/h in just four seconds. The top speed is said to have 100km/h and will use a battery of Lithium-ion and the range will be around 126km.

performance electric motorcycle Prana

3 variants Grand, Elite and Class in electric motorcycle 

You can switch different riding modes which also includes reverse mode. It will come in three variants such as Grand, Elite and Class. There will be differentiation in the three variants in performance and range.

The three different variants will have a different range, Grand will have a range of 126 km and Elite around 250 km and the Class offers the customizable options presently. The motorcycle is designed at the company’s facility at Coimbatore.

Performance electric motorcycle Prana production in Company’s Coimbatore facility

The e-bike will be produced in the Coimbatore facility. The company is having 30,000 units capacity and if needed more the production can be outsourced to increase up to 2 lakh units annually.

we can expect its price similar to the mid-segment motorcycle as it will be too early to comment on the price. Hope Mr.Mohan Ramasamy’s expertise will offer India, a best electric motorcycle. 

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  1. Rissala Polo

    “It is not the strongest that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.” 

    – “Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come” .

    Electric vehicles will be the single largest disruptor too hit the Automobile industry in its 134 years history.

    The average earning of 85% of Indians is between 10- 35,000₹/Mth.
    For an average 4 member family Expenses are mainly under the heads of
    1. Rations-10-15,000
    2. Education -2000
    3. Fuel expenses – 6 – 8000₹
    4. Medication for their elders-2-4000₹
    5. Rent/repayment of loans 8-10,000₹
    6. Misc- 2-4000₹

    An average working man travels 25-50 km per day for work and back. Spending appx 8 -9,000₹ on petrol two wheeler.
    First time in history of Auto industry comes a product – ELECTRIC MOBILITY which will save each active user 8 – 10,000₹ per mth.


    25-30% SAVINGS EACH MONTH FOR 85% of population & SAVINGS of over 87 Billion USD or 7 lac Crore imports in terms of Oil.

    The outcome is going to be unimaginable!!! Unfanthonable!!!!

    The world will never be the same again.

    “Evolet” = Happy, Sustainable, Affordable, Green mobility for each & everyone. Just like our ageless companion – The Horse.

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