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Know the Top 8 reasons for the slow growth of EVs

Top 8 reasons for the slow growth of EVs

Electric Vehicles are growing everywhere, the transition from the internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles or fuel based vehicles to electric is taking place slowly but steadily around the world. Here are the top 8 reasons for the slow growth of EVs.

Know the Top 8 reasons for the slow growth of EVs

Adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is happening everywhere around the world but adopting new technology is not as easy as you think, the countries have to go through from the various challenges.

But if you see the growth of EVs in the country, there are a lot of opportunities ahead for the future to be bright with the adoption of electric vehicles.

The Indian government is also a huge support for EVs, its bringing in many initiatives and through FAME II scheme it is providing subsidies to promote and encourage the use of electric vehicles. 

Top 8 reasons for the slow growth of EVs


As people are habituated to use conventional ICE vehicles, they do not want to take a risk with the range. The electric vehicles provide range depending on the battery capacity, as the batteries are expensive here because it is imported from the Chinese and South Korean markets. 

Charging Time

As electric vehicles are new technology India is adopting, it will take some time to come up with the advance charging systems in the country and many companies and the government is taking initiatives to bring in many charging options such as  Slow or Fast Chargers, Battery Swapping, Pantograph charging, and Wireless Power Transfer. With the present chargers, charging an EV takes time depending on the charger used. 

Price of an EV

The EVs have high purchase price when compared to ICE vehicles. An electric vehicle costs you between 1.5x to 2.5x of the ICE equivalent model.

Charging Infrastructure

The lack of charging infrastructures in India, there are many EV charging infrastructure launch or installations going around in India but are they into operations? No not many. 

Government incentives

No incentives are provided to four-wheeler (for personal use) under the FAME II Scheme. As the two-wheelers and three-wheelers, four-wheelers ( commercial use) makers must make use of the incentives provided by the government and contribute to making India pollution free. 

Fear of new technology 

Many people fear new technology, electric vehicles. They fear to adopt an EV as it expensive and battery life will end after the desired operational cycles. They think it costs them high on electricity for charging an EV at home as there is a lack of public charging infrastructure available.

Limited Life of batteries

People want to do one-time investment on the vehicle, but they spend a lot of money for fuels and for service management. As the batteries dont last for more than 2 to 3 years they do not want to invest again. They also have fear of batteries exploding, if used in a proper way and a quality battery you won’t find these issues.  

Lack of advertisements on TV

More than half of the population watches the Television in India, It has become a primary source for the advertisers to reach out to their target audience. We can hardly see any of the advertisement about electric vehicles or its components or anything related to EV or zero emission. If advertised on TV, people may get the awareness of EVs. 

If these reasons are taken care and necessary initiative must be taken by the people and government to bring in the use of EVs to make India a pollution free country. 

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