April 11, 2024

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ABB to bring in fast chargers in India for EVs

ABB to bring in fast chargers

ABB to bring in fast chargers in India for electric vehicles (EVs). ABB already has more than 10,000 direct-current fast-charging stations installed in 73 countries. India is among one of the largest locations of R&D and engineering in the ABB universe.

ABB to bring in fast chargers in India for EVs

ABB is a Swiss-Swedish multinational corporation headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, operating mainly in robotics, power, heavy electrical equipment and automation technology areas.

ABB brings Charging infrastructure in the country

It will cater to the charging infrastructure in the country as many automakers and car makers such as Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra, Hyundai, MG Motor India, Audi, Porsche are already into manufacturing of electric cars for the country and some of them already launch and some are planning to launch in coming years.

While the automakers manufacturing and launching their EVs, the charging solutions are being solved. we can see there are many initiatives taken by the government and manufacturers to install the EV charging stations across the country.

ABB India is a pioneering technology leader with a comprehensive offering for digital industries.

ABB India

ABB India, Managing Director, Sanjeev Sharma said, “The government of India has set some ambitious and relevant goals around electrification which is fueling various innovations like moving to electric vehicles. 

“ABB is a company that is involved in either the distribution of electricity or the use of electricity, representing the two sides of our market, and would be delighted to help facilitate this effort in the case of electrification of transportation including motorcycles, cars, buses, trains, planes.”

ABB is into the making of fast chargers and has already installed one in India.

ABB has installed a Terra 53 fast charging station

ABB has installed a Terra 53 fast charging station for electric vehicles at NITI Aayog. Based on international charging standards for EVs, the charger converts alternating current (AC) from the grid to the direct current (DC) used by EV batteries.

It has showcased a Terra HP fast-charging system, which has a capacity to power up the car for 200 km in a single charge in just 8 minutes.

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