June 14, 2024

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To boost EV adoption Ola pitches for battery swapping technology


Ola, a cab aggregator, and shared mobility giant recently pitched the promotion of battery swapping technology to help the country in the adoption of electric vehicles (EV).

To boost EV adoption Ola pitches for battery swapping technology

To push the government’s goal of electrifying all the vehicles by 2030, it has realized the need of the country to achieve the said goal. In regard to that, the company has made note consulting with stakeholders.

The company realized the main reason why people are not opting for EVs. Lack of charging infrastructure is the critical reason that made the company think about the battery swapping technology.

Battery swapping technology must be treated as an important and immediate need which can bring the growth of EVs adoption in India.

India is a leading market for two-wheelers and three-wheelers so charging infrastructure facility must be specially taken for the two-wheeler and three-wheeler segments.

According to Indian Express, “Total cost of ownership parity for electric four-wheelers is elusive compared to small vehicles due to large battery packs and high cell cost, further requiring significant commitments to land-dependent charging infrastructure.

This suggests consideration of other segments for rapid electrification. Any attempt at electrification in India must include 2W and 3W segments at least in proportion to the market share of these vehicle formats in target geographies,” it said.

It further says that the technology offers many benefits to the users, the power sector, energy operators and to the country as a whole.

If the vehicle separated the battery which costs 30-50 percent of the total cost of an EV. The actual cost of the electric vehicles comes down may be below to the ICE vehicles making it with higher demands.
With the cost advantage, it also has the benefit that the user can save the time (waiting time) and can invest 3 minutes to interchange the batteries which will encourage the EV users to opt for it.
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