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EVs Reduces Air Pollution-India Ranks 3rd Position In Air Pollution

Electric Vehicles Reduces Air Pollution

When you look at your vehicle you may not know how much does it creating pollution in the air, but when you breathe you take inside your body a lot of pollution through the air. Your vehicle engine pumps out toxic emissions that can kill you not immediately but slowly. EVs reduces air pollution.

India Ranks 3rd Position In Causing Air Pollution-

Every year air pollution is rising, India ranks at 3rd position in terms of causing air pollution contributing 6.3% in 2018 whereas China 4.7% and the US by 2.5%.

Electric Vehicles Reduces Air Pollution
Electric Vehicles Reduces Air Pollution

EVs Reduces Air pollution- By Using Electric Vehicles

A step towards reducing toxic air pollution can be taken using electric vehicles as it reduces CO2 emissions in the air and sound pollution comparing to conventional vehicles. Using an electric vehicle (EV) you not only contribute to climate change but also get a quiet, speed and driving experience.

According To The World Health Organisation

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), every nine out of ten people breathe polluted air which results in the death of 7 million people every year by suffering from stroke, lung cancer, and heart disease.

Electric Vehicles Reduces Air Pollution
Electric Vehicles Reduces Air Pollution

Air Pollution Caused By Vehicles Damages Lungs, Heart, And Brain

No matter how high or in the rich area you live in you cannot escape from this as it is all around us. The microscopic pollutants in the air pass into your body, that penetrates deep into your respiratory and circulatory system, damaging our lungs, heart, and brain.

WHO Director of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health says

“The true cost of climate change is felt in our hospitals and in our lungs. The health burden of polluting energy sources is now so high, that moving to cleaner and more sustainable choices for energy supply, transport, and food systems effectively pays for itself,” says Dr. Maria Neira, WHO Director of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health.

5,43,000 Children Below 5 years Die Every Year From Air Pollution

Air pollution has many dangerous effects on life especially on children, up to 14% children age group 5-18 years suffers from asthma and 5,43,000 children below 5 years die every year from respiratory diseases caused from air pollution.

It also causes childhood cancers, cognitive impairment in both children and adults, if a pregnant woman is exposed to air pollution the child can suffer from fetal brain growth.

When there is a lot of loss occurring by using fuel-based vehicles, we all need to think seriously about the environment the effects it is giving back to the people. The future generations must be saved, this can only happen when we start thinking and choose wise steps to choose vehicles.

Electric Vehicles Can Be The Solution  For Sound And Air Pollution 

Electric Vehicles Reduces Air Pollution
Electric Vehicles Reduces Air Pollution

Apart from other activities on earth which are causing sound and air pollution, vehicular pollution is the most dangerous pollutant in the world and can also be controllable. Electric Vehicles is one of the solutions that can be used to reduce the harmful gases in the air and also helps in reducing sound pollution.

How An EVs Reduces Air Pollution

Electric Vehicles runs on an electric motor, rather on an internal combustion engine (ICE) like any other vehicles. Electric Motor runs using the power stored in the batteries, which can be charged and there will be no requirement of fuels- Petrol or diesel for the vehicle to run.

Electric Vehicles Reduces Air Pollution
Electric Vehicles Reduces Air Pollution

EVs does not require fuels to run hence it does not emit Carbon dioxide (Co2), Nitrogen oxide (NO2), (NOx), nitrogen, sulfur, etc other harmful gases in the atmosphere. Electric vehicles can be the solution to reduce emission in the air.

EVs Reduces Air pollution

However electric vehicles batteries recycling is challenging due to lack of batteries recycling infrastructure and can be developed as the technology is growing faster.

The recycling of batteries can also create water pollution but when used high-quality lithium-ion batteries it can be recycled for the conservation of natural resources, such as metals and minerals. Helps sustain the environment for future generations. However EVs reduces air pollution.

As per the FAME INDIA,

  • The total Number of Electric Vehicles Sold is 266593,
  • The fuel saved in liters 41196668
  • An EV saves 52491 fuel per day
  • CO2 Reduction per day in Kg is 130113
  • Total CO2 Reduction In Kgs is 102827594

However, an Electric Vehicle helps in reducing CO2 emission which helps to improve the air and sound quality.

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