August 10, 2020

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What you should know about EVs in this quarantine

EVs in this quarantine

What you should know about

EVs in this quarantine

Electric vehicles have become so popular these days that we don’t need any introductions about them, as it has become a cleaner and safer mode of transportation all over the world. Here are things listed below what you should know about EVs in this quarantine.

EVs in this quarantine

In India, most preferred vehicle category is two-wheeler and it leads in the Indian market, similarly in the EV segment too the electric two-wheeler is becoming more popular, not only this the electric three-wheeler, four-wheeler, buses, etc are also becoming popular.

Top 10 upcoming electric scooters in India 2020

People’s interest in electric vehicles

We have conducted a poll on our YouTube channel to know the likes and interest of the people.

We have asked them that Which vehicle do you like more? and the options were

a) Electric
b) Petrol
c) Diesel
d) Any other

You won’t believe! 88% voted for electric vehicles isn’t it amazing right? and 7% of people voted for petrol. For diesel vehicles, we got 2% votes and any other 2% which commented hybrid vehicles, Electric+fuel cell vehicles, fuel cells and hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Poll Link

Electric vehicles are future

We can see here many people are looking towards electric vehicles technology, as well all know this is the future technology which will rule the auto industries. 

Whether we want to accept them or not, we need to take it as an important and most needed technology as it is environmental friendly which benefits to our environment as well as it helps to save our money which we spend on buying oils such as petrol and diesel. This will not only save our money but it will also help the country to be independent not importing crude oils for the operation of vehicles. 

However, currently, we are dependent on other countries for electric vehicles’ batteries, as we lack lithium reserves in our country.

 A ray of hope Lithium in Peru! India-Peru Trade Negotiations held in Delhi

Battery facilities establishment initiatives in India 

But there many initiatives that government and private companies are taking to establish the battery manufacturing facilities in India as almost all the electric vehicles (EVs) batteries are imported from other countries mostly from China. The total cost of a Lithium-ion battery accounts for 40% of the total cost of an EV. 

The Indian government has been discovering approaches to push electric mobility in the nation as it plans for 30% electric vehicle reliance by 2030. Besides the enormous number of electric vehicles on roads, the government is additionally concentrating on the framework regarding the Infrastructure and manufacturing issues.

Recently federal government asked states to compete to establish a globally competitive Li-ion battery manufacturing facilities. For the adoption of electric vehicles and renewable energy in India, the central government wants to establish 40 GW of battery manufacturing capacity in States.

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Mastered my Journalism and entered into writing for Electric vehicles sector. I am a regular writer and EV enthusiast. I love to write about electric vehicles, technology, startups, people, fashion and trends. My aim is to make India pollution-free by sharing knowledge through my writings.

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