May 18, 2024

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1 lakh EVs Charging Stations Grid installation by Panasonic

1 lakh EVs Charging Stations

1 lakh EVs Charging Stations Grid installation by Panasonic, a Japanese multinational electronics company. It is to install 1 lakh EV charging stations grid across top 25 Indian cities and also telematic solutions by 2024.

1 lakh EVs Charging Stations

The company to power more than a million electric vehicles. It is also a partner for battery cell supplier with American EVs manufacturer Tesla, plans to install mini charging facilities at malls, petrol pumps, parking stations and specially developed zones in some cities such as Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Amravati, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Noida, and Ghaziabad.

Manish Sharma, president & CEO of Panasonic India 

Manish Sharma, president & CEO of Panasonic India said, “We feel that the clean energy and electric vehicles space is going to see massive growth in coming years, and Panasonic wants to be ready with a matching infrastructure to power the new-generation, cleaner vehicles.”

EV users, fleet owners, e-commerce & logistics companies will be benefitted 

Panasonic wants to give its facilities to every individual EV users, fleet owners, e-commerce and logistics companies so that they can handle their fleets without any worries of charging.

Mostly the expansion will be done by the franchise model and Panasonic will look after the core network and technologies.

Telematics solution is developed at company’s India R&D facilities 

The telematics solution is developed at the company’s India R&D facilities. It will be provided to the EV manufacturers, equipment and a lithium-ion battery to help them in better understanding of their products and services.

EV charging infrastructure for electric two- and three-wheelers

The EV charging infrastructure will be available to power electric two- and three-wheelers types, the company is planning to extend this to other vehicles types too.

The service comes equipped with telematics sensors on the vehicles, allowing users to generate real-time data and report from continuous operation, thus enabling them to use their fleet in the most efficient way,” Sharma said.

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