July 13, 2020

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New EV charging stations approved in States-Maharashtra gets 317, AP gets 266…

New EV charging stations sanctioned in States

New EV charging stations approved in

States-Maharashtra gets 317, AP gets 266…

To reduce the pollution levels, the central government sanctioned 2,636 charging stations in 62 cities across 24 states including Kerala and union territories under the FAME India Scheme. As part of the scheme, Kerala will get 131 charging stations in Kochi, Thrissur, Kannur and Kozhikode. Maharashtra gets 317, AP gets 266…

New EV charging stations approved in States

In Kerala, 50 charging stations will be installed in Kochi, 28 in Thrissur, 27 in Kannur and 26 in Kozhikode cities. Kerala State Electricity Board ( KSEB) will take in charge of these charging stations.

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There are 2,636 charging stations, out of which 1,633 will be fast-charging stations whereas remaining 1,003 slow charging stations. About 14,000 chargers will be installed across the cities.

Following EV charging stations approved in states 

The following EV charging stations sanctioned such as 317 in Maharashtra, 266 in Andhra Pradesh, 256 in Tamil Nadu, 228 in Gujarat, 205 in Rajasthan, 207 in Uttar Pradesh, 172 in Karnataka, 159 in Madhya Pradesh, 141 in West Bengal, 138 in Telangana, 131 in Kerala, 72 in Delhi, 70 in Chandigarh, 50 in Haryana, 40 in Meghalaya, 37 in Bihar, 29 in Sikkim, 25 each in Jammu, Srinagar and Chattisgarh, 20 in Assam, 18 in Odisha and 10 each in Uttarakhand, Puducherry and Himachal Pradesh.

Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises says 

The Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises Prakash Javadekar said that With the installation of these charging stations at least one charging station will be available in the selected cities in a grid of 4 km * 4 km, which will help the users to get confident regarding range and anxiety and it will also encourage the manufacturers to launch their EVs models.

The Department of Heavy Industries had also invited the Expressions of Interest from large cities, smart cities, state/union territory capitals and cities from a special category of states for submission of proposal for availing incentives under FAME India Scheme Phase 11.
It has received 106 proposals from private and public entities for the deployment of about 7,000 EV charging stations received. As per the EoI, the Project and Sanctioning Committee (PISC) the Government sanctioned 2,636 charging stations to 62 cities submitted by 19 public entities for 24 states.

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