April 08, 2021

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Toyota I-road Electric trike-An urban Roller coaster

Toyota I-road Electric trike

Toyota I-road Electric trike-An urban Roller coaster

Toyota, the reliable Japanese auto-major was one among the earliest automobile companies which offered low emission alternatives to combustion engine vehicles for environmentally conscious drivers. They have been working on fuel cell and battery-operated vehicles for a longer period when compared to other auto majors. Toyota’s research and development for years have brought low emission vehicles like Prius and other PHEVs, EVs on roads. Here’s Toyota I-road Electric trike which we are about to discuss regarding it’s smart, unique, flexible and fun to ride features. 

Toyota I-road Electric trike

Toyota I-road Electric trike


The Toyota I-road Electric trike fits into the dimensions of a touring motorcycle. Observing the vehicle for a moment can give us clarity about this vehicle as an urban ride compact EV. The most interesting feature of this vehicle is its ability to tilt at high speeds. However, the vehicle doesn’t tilt at low speed. This amazing roller coaster kind of tilt can make it exciting to ride in a city. Take a look at its ride in Tokyo.

Analysis of I-road

Toyota I-road comes under the category of the trike and it is a two-seater. The weight of the trike is 300kgs which you may never feel heavy. I-road is driven by two electric motors in the front and rear wheel which is controlled by steering. The I-road comes with gyroscopic stabilization components and related electronics inside the vehicle which makes it never lose traction and stability even in a high-speed tilt. The top speed of the I-road is 60kmph and the range is up to 50kms for one single charge. I-road requires charging time of 3 hrs which is sufficient for daily short trips in a city.

What’s next?

Toyota is experimenting with the I-road initially in Japan and France. I-road may be available after a few years and it might be the updated version that hits the market. Drivers might prioritize this driving thrill over comfort from a wide body vehicle and make it a common method of transportation for an urban area.

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