January 28, 2021

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Aptera solar electric vehicle needs no charge gives 1000 miles range 

Aptera solar electric vehicle

Aptera solar electric vehicle needs no charge gives 1000 miles range 

Aptera Motors a California based company which manufactures high-efficiency road vehicles has announced its first advanced solar electric vehicle that needs no charging.

Aptera solar electric vehicle

For daily use and everyday commutes, the vehicle doesn’t require charging and boasts a range of up to 1,000 miles on a full charge. It is paired with a liquid-cooled electric motor with integrated solar panels. It is built with just four main pieces which also reduces build time and increases cost efficiency. 

Aptera solar electric vehicle

The company claims that this car doesn’t need to charge “no charging for most drivers” as it can deliver up to  45 miles (72 km) of range per day running off the solar-powered component alone. The required range for everyday use is been covered without charging. It is equipped with three square meters of solar panelling that is formed by 180 individual solar cells incorporated all around the car’s bodywork.

Aptera is designed to harvest enough sunlight to travel over 11,000 miles per year in most regions. Its made with lightweight composites that are many times stronger than steel which allows its unique body shape to slip through the air with an unheard-of drag coefficient (Cd) of .13.

The co-founder Chris Anthony said in a statement said that “With Aptera’s Never Charge technology, you are driven by the power of the sun. Our built-in solar array keeps your battery pack topped off and anywhere you want to go, you just go,”

Squad 2-seater solar electric car

The company stated “Forty miles doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s the equivalent of parking your car and having it magically fill up with two gallons of gas overnight,” “It’s the fact that you can park it at work or wherever and go back to it with more energy in the tank than when you left it.”

The car achieves  0-60 in as fast as 3.5 seconds, with a top speed of 110 mph. It can also be equipped with all-wheel drive and vectorised torque control that gives the car better stability, control, comfort and increased handling abilities in more testing environments.

The Aptera will be available to pre-order starting from December 4, 2020. Aptera will be available to pre-order starting from December 4, 2020. The customers can reserve one for them with Aptera Motor’s special-edition Paradigm and Paradigm+ versions which will be produced in 2021. 

The customers can also design and customise their own Aptera and they have the options to choose ranges from 250, 400, 600, or 1,000 miles in both AWD and FWD packages. The price will be between USD 25,900 to USD 46,900+.

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