April 20, 2024

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e5 tanker-world’s first all-electric oil tanker 

e5 tanker

e5 tanker-world’s first all-electric oil tanker  

A world’s leading reliable energy storage solution provider and battery pack supplier for the maritime industry, Corvus Energy has supplied a massive battery pack of 3.5 MWh (3500 kwh) to be equipped in an electric e5 tanker. This sounds interesting! Isn’t it?

e5 tanker

The oil tankers and cargo ships massively contribute to air pollution. We are shifting our personal and public transport vehicles to electric for greener commutes but it is also important to bring transformation in marine vehicles too especially these kinds of vehicles. Corvus Energy announced that it has been chosen to provide an energy storage system to Kawasaki Heavy Industries for a zero-emission electric e5 tanker.

e5 tanker

The giant battery pack oil tanker is the world’s first all-electric oil tanker that is currently under construction for Tokyo’s Asahi Tanker Co., Ltd of Tokyo, Japan. The e5 tanker will achieve zero emissions of CO2, NOx, SOx which reduces the impact on the environment. The vessel will make its battery power available to emergency services in the case of a natural disaster in Tokyo. 

It is designed and developed by a leading Consortium Japanese shipping and maritime services companies that manufacture and launches infrastructure for large electric vessels like oil tankers and cargo ships. The ship is 62 meters long and has a capacity of about 1,300-metre cube and a speed of around 11 knots. It is designed to decrease noise and vibration in the bay and its surroundings. The first all-electric oil tanker will be launched by March 2022 and another by March 2023.

The CEO of Corvus Energy said that “Like Norway, Japan is a maritime nation with a clear path towards a green future. The government has already announced ambitious plans to be free of carbon emissions by 2050, which will require significant decarbonization initiatives in its world-leading shipping industry.”

Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) was awarded a contract for the ship’s propulsion system in September of 2020 and will integrate the 3,480 kWh Orca ESS from Corvus Energy to power the vessel.

“To be awarded this contract is a milestone for Corvus Energy as this is such an important project to be part of,” says Pradeep Datar, Vice President of Asia for Corvus Energy.

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