May 23, 2024

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Manta 5 E-assist hydrofoil

Manta 5 E-assist hydrofoil

The marine sector is also adapting to the electrification and when we mention the marine sector it doesn’t mean only people or cargo carriers. The personal mobility and leisure aqua rides are also adapting the electrification. Manta 5 from New Zealand is one among these exciting yet electric-assist water rides. Manta 5 is a zero-emission water ride which doesn’t affect with the aquatic wildlife and offers a peaceful silent ride.

Manta 5 E-assist hydrofoil

Manta 5 E-assist hydrofoil


Hydrofoils are the watercraft that are capable of achieving high speed while being fuel-efficient when compare to a regular motorboat. The science behind this lies in its hull design which reduces the surface area contact between the watercraft and surface water while the craft is in motion. Due to the reduced surface area, the friction is decreased and high efficiency is obtained.

Working of Manta 5

Manta 5 is a foil that is not electrical but an E-assisted mechanical foil. Manta 5 is equipped with a pedal-assist motor which decreases the rider effort to pedal in water. The hydrofoil has 7 different levels of E-assist which can make the foil stable and float on water. The riding time in the lowest level of assist is 4 hours and the highest level is 1.5 hours depending which may vary according to external factors.

Manta 5 is priced around 8900$ (6,40,000INR approx.) and is available for purchase. The rider must be a good swimmer to ride and adapt to Manta 5 in the initial stage because it requires practice to perform an underwater launch. The hydrofoil stays afloat as long as the rider continues pedalling.

More info about Manta 5

Manta5 Hydrofoil Bikes

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