March 03, 2021

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Gemopai launches annual Road-Side Assistance & Personal Accident cover complimentary for its EVs 


Gemopai launches annual Road-Side Assistance & Personal Accident cover complimentary for its EVs 

A Noida based Electric two-wheeler maker Gemopai has announced an annual Road-Side Assistance and Personal Accident cover complimentary with the purchase of every Gemopai EV.

The company is also offering 3 years of free service and warranty on every Electric two-wheeler. The service scheme is named as ‘Gemopai Secure’ which will be valid on all models sold from 15th February 2021 and will aim at further lowering the after-sales cost of ownership of the customer.

The company says that this move will make Gemopai EV, the most Value-For-Money EVs present in India. It aims to strengthen its commitment to providing unprecedented after-sales service to every customer.

On the upcoming offer, Amit Raj Singh, Co-Founder, Gemopai Electric, says, “Thanks to the benefits offered by the government, the market is seeing a lot of good traction for electric scooters. These vehicles are becoming increasingly popular because of their low running costs, especially in the wake of increasing fuel prices which make ICE (internal combustion engine) based scooters expensive to afford. The upcoming offers are just another way to build confidence among the EV buyers to switch to electric.”


Gemopai Electric is a joint venture between Goreen E-Mobility and Opai Electric plans to open 8-10 stores across Delhi and NCR by the end of FY2020 and is looking for more partnerships.

The Gemopai Electric’s portfolio includes Astrid Lite, Ryder and Miso which is available through its dealership stores.

Recently the Gemopai Electric has launched its first dealership in Pune and now it has launched its two dealership stores in the NCR region. The company’s electric scooter are available across India through its 70 dealership stores.

Recently during the coronavirus pandemic, the company has launched an affordable mini electric scooter named as ‘Miso’ to maintain social distance. It is the most affordable electric scooter single-seat electric scooter which comes with a price tag of 44,000 rupees in India to maintain social distance.

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