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Gemopai Ryder e-scooter offers a range of 90 Km

Gemopai Ryder electric scooter 

Gemopai Ryder e-scooter offers a range of 90 Km on a single charge and the interesting thing is, it can also be charged at your home as per your convenient. 

Gemopai Ryder e-scooter offers a range of 90 Km

Gemopai Ryder is the electric scooter from Gemopai Electrics, a joint venture between Goreen E-Mobility, a Delhi-based startup founded in 2016 and Opai Electric is one of the leading and largest manufacturers of electric two-wheelers worldwide.

The manufacturer also entering into the manufacturing of electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers currently it sells more than 15 million electric scooters worldwide.

The co-founder of the company, Amit Raj Singh says, the Ryder is one of the first removable lithium-ion battery-powered electric scooters which offers a range of 90 Km on a single charge.

Gemopai Ryder electric scooter 

The Gemopai Ryder is powered by a lithium-ion electric scooter. It is available in 5 vibrant colors and offers various accessories options specifically for the Indian markets.

Gemopai Ryder electric scooter Features 

The electric scooter has some additional features such as hydraulic suspensions, disk brakes, digital speedometer, mobile USB charging LED headlight, keyless entry, anti-theft alarm.

Gemopai Ryder electric scooter 

The specifications of Gemopai Ryder

  • It gives a top speed 65 Km/hr
  • The range is 90 Km.
  • The motor is of 250 Watts
  • Range: 80-90KM/Charge
  • Charging time it takes is two to four hours

Gemopai have two electric scooters 

The company launched two electric scooters Gemopai Ryder and another is Astrid Lite

Astrid Lite electric scooter specifications

Gemopai Ryder electric scooter 

  • Top Speed is 65KM/Charge
  • The range is 80-90KM/Charge
  • Motor Rated Power is 1100W/ Peak Power 2500W
  • The battery used is 60/20AH Lithium-Ion

The Ryder electric scooter comes under Rs 60,000 and no registration, insurance and driving license required.

Astrid Lite electric scooter video

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