September 24, 2020

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India’s first social distancing electric scooter ‘Miso’ launched  

social distancing

India’s first social distancing electric scooter ‘Miso’ launched  

During the coronavirus pandemic maintaining a social distance when we are not at our homes and when we are stepping out is the most important thing that we all are following to stop the spread of the virus. So, to deal with the situation, the Gemopai Electric has launched an affordable mini electric scooter named as ‘Miso’ to maintain social distance. It is the most affordable electric scooter single-seat electric scooter which comes with a price tag of 44,000 rupees in India. 

Social distancing electric scooter 

Gemopai starts its pre-bookings and is available across India through its 60 dealership stores from July 2020 onwards.

The Gemopai Electric is a joint venture of  Goreen E-Mobility and Opai Electric which has brought this stunning India’s first social distancing scooter which can be booked on the company’s official website. The scooter is completely manufactured locally except the battery and the cells.

Astrid Lite, the new Electric Scooter from Gemopai

Gemopai is offering Miso with an inaugural discount of Rs.2,000 for all pre-bookings. It is also offering a 3-year free service package for all Miso customers. Most importantly there is no requirement of a license or RTO permit to ride this electric scooter.

Amit Raj Singh, Gemopai Electric Co-Founder said, “With the pandemic disrupting life and businesses in general, many practices, habits and things are evolving- including the way people move around. As we battle the crises and balance life and business continuity while staying safe, micro-mobility presents one of the safest and resilient ways to navigate everyday commuting. Miso is the ultimate solution for the young adult who needs a no-hassle ride to their destination or for a daily commuter who needs to reach their office, without getting stuck in traffic. With the current ongoing safety concerns because of the pandemic, Miso’s single-seat helps choose an affordable and safe ride.”

Specifications of Gemopai Miso electric scooter 

While we look at its specifications, the mini e-scooter provides a range of 75km on a full charge and its battery can be charged to 90 per cent in just 2 hours. It has a max speed of 25 kmph. It has a 48V, 1kW detachable Li-ion battery. It has a 250W motor power. 

Gemopai Ryder e-scooter offers a range of 90 Km

Features of Gemopai Miso electric scooter  

It comes with a long-travel suspension, Hexa headlight for navigating in dim lighting conditions, LED battery indicator. The scooter is offered in two variants, one of them comes with a luggage carrier and can hold up to 120kg. There are four colour options available- Fiery Red, Deep Sky Blue, Luscious Green and Sunset Orange. 


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