May 03, 2021

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Barriers & solutions to EV adoption 

Barriers & solutions to EV adoption 

Barriers & solutions to EV adoption 

The world is witnessing electric vehicles growth every day. The government, the automotive industry’s big players and EV startups are taking initiatives to promote the use of electric vehicles all over the world. Today almost everyone knows what are the consequences of using those harmful gases emissions vehicles, how it is impacting the air and overall environment. But still, people neglect it, ignore it for harming self-health and the environment. Though electric vehicles are becoming popular but not widely adopted. In this article, we will try to understand the limitations or barriers to EV adoption and what can be the tentative solutions to solve those barriers.

It does not only effects on health and environment, but it also helps the country to grow economically by cutting down the crude oil imports which we are spending more than billions of crores every year.

Barriers & solutions to EV adoption

Technological problems

Technological problems are becoming the obstacles for the electric vehicles, the main area of concern is the batteries their weight that is equipped into the vehicles, however, there is much technology coming up with some lightweight batteries. Lack of lithium-ion is also becoming a barrier which leads to the limitations of range and price.

Limited Range

The range depends on the capacity of the battery used. The energy stored in batteries decides the distance that needs to travel and accordingly allows the distance. There will be also the difference in the range due to the driving style, load the vehicle is carrying, terrain, energy consumption all these causes range anxieties to the users.

That automatically lets the users think about recharging the batteries for which they will need charging stations. The electric vehicles which are available today don’t give much range of what people are looking for. Even if they want to charge their vehicles on the way to their desired destinations, they are not sure about the charging station availability.

Insufficient charging stations & long charging period

There are many public charging stations provided but it is not enough. Longer hours of charging and incompatible chargers are becoming the barriers.

If sufficient and fast charging options are provided, people will not have range anxieties. If it is provided, the users can quickly charge their electric vehicles whenever and where ever the battery deads, it will definitely help in the growth of the EV sector.

Mindsets (social acceptance)

The traditional mindsets of the people will not accept the new technology very easily, they take years and years to trust such kind of technologies.

Some may also have the feelings of the change of driving patterns, refuelling habits, preparedness to use alternative transport in case of low battery and they think it is not easy to adopt.

High price

The price of EVs is quite high when compared to ICE vehicles as one of the important component batteries are much expensive. In this regard, many country’s governments are providing incentives and exemption of tax on vehicle registrations, parking fee reduction etc, but this is a temporary solution which still causing a barrier to the EV adoption. This issue can be solved by mass productions (EVs components-battery, etc) and by technological advancements will lead to a decrease in the price.

It is the time and need of the people to adopt electric vehicles as early as possible before we end every good thing for our future generations. 

Here is the table explaining the EV adoption problems and their solutions 

S.No Problems Solutions
1 Limited range Better energy source and energy management technology
2 long charging period Fast charging technology
3 Insufficient charging stations Placements of sufficient stations capable of providing services to all
4 Safety problems Advanced manufacturing scheme and build quality
5 High price Mass production, advance technology, govt incentives
6 Mindsets Creating proper awareness about electric vehicles



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