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Top 3 EV startups in Hyderabad

Top 3 EV startups in Hyderabad

It is clear that electric vehicles (EVs) are the future as they are becoming very popular every day and the government is also taking some serious steps to promote and encourage EVs.
Here are the startups from Hyderabad.

Top 3 EV startups in Hyderabad

Gayam motor (GMW) works

The startup started in the year 2015 by the Gayam brothers with the launch of their first batch of electric three-wheelers. 

Gayam motor works (GMW) Vision is to make the future of transportation smart and electric to accelerate the growth of sustainable transport by bringing compelling electric vehicles to market. It runs its eco-friendly business in the Telangana state.

It has recognized the potential of the B2B market, some of their clients are IKEA, Big Basket, Flipkart, Delivery, and ITC. They established battery swapping stations in hubs of these companies.

Top 3 EV startups in Hyderabad

Recently, they have also supplied GHMC with a fleet of electric-three wheeler for waste collection and disposal.

Its first customer UBEREats uses electric bikes for food delivery in Singapore, HongKong, and San Francisco.GMW gets recognized by HYSEA and is awarded as Top 10 Hot Startups.

GMW designed and launched a new version of electric three-wheeler auto rickshaws suiting Indian markets and conditions.

GMW exports three-wheeler electric auto rickshaws to Japan by partnering with Terra Motors, Japan. 

E-Trio Automobiles

E-Trio Automobiles is India’s first certified EV retrofitting startup. It is the first company of India to get Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) approval for retrofitting cars kits for Maruti Alto and Wagon R.

E-Trio Automobiles Vision to creates e-Mobility which results in decarbonizing India. They
develop engineering design tools and manufacturing methods to transform convention internal combustion engine based vehicles into the electric vehicle (EV’s).

E-Trio’s Founder Sathya Yalamanchili has seen China and their adoption of EVs technology and wants to bring the technology in India so that the electric vehicles can be easily purchased as it is made affordable and usable.

Top 3 EV startups in Hyderabad

The company’s facility is at Bolaram which is of an area of 60,000 sq ft which will be enough to make 1,000 cars every month. Converting a pure petrol or diesel car normally takes around 24-36 hours. All the internal combustion parts will be changed like engine, radiator, gearbox, and silencer.

It can cost up to Rs 3 lakh going up to Rs 5 lakh to retrofit a car. Most suitable for the cab drivers and cab aggregators, the vehicles will cost 90 paise per km in terms of electricity used.

Mr. Sathya Yalamanchili Founded e-Trio Automobiles. e-Trio have electric kits that have two different range options such as 150 and 180. It has e-bicycles which offers a range up to 50 miles.

They have got approval to retrofit Maruti Alto and Wagon R with the range 150km and 180 km.


PURE-EV is electric vehicle vertical of the company PuREnergy which incubated out of IIT Hyderabad and manufacturing high-performance Lithium batteries.

This startup as the college project by 4 youth from IIT-Hyderabad.Whatever they had learned in class put all together and met with professor Dr. Nishanth Dongari, who is also a founder and MD of the start-up.

Top 3 EV startups in Hyderabad
Top 3 EV startups in Hyderabad

He directed them to team at PuREnergy’s Electric Vehicles (EV) manufacturing division, PURE EV. The four started analyzing the existing EV companies markets and designed the customized EV for city commutes.

The project launched four high-performance EV models. some of them EVs are Epluto electric scooter, Etrance e-scooter, Egnite sports bike, Etron bicycle.


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