May 31, 2020

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Measures required to promote EVs in India

Measures required to promote electric vehicles in India

Measures required to promote EVs in India

Government of India announced a union budget in 2019 for the transition of an electric vehicle. It offered a tax incentive to promote electric vehicles in the country. Let us discuss the Measures required to promote electric vehicles in India.

The government’s aim to bring in the transformation through electric mobility and domestic vehicle manufacturing both public and commercial vehicles. It will also reduce the oil import burdens of the country and improves the air quality and reduces air pollution.   

Measures required to promote electric vehicles in India

To promote the electric vehicles it has offered an income tax deduction, incentives cut on GST and FAME Scheme. Under the FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid &) Electric Vehicles in India) scheme.

The vehicles are incentivised as the government has provided 10,000 Cr under the FAME Scheme, this can also be used for setting up charging stations. Charging infrastructure is most important as without it an electric vehicle cannot be charged, for that we need to have sufficient charging infrastructure. In India, we dont have enough charging infrastructure.

Measures required to promote EVs in India

  • Affordable charging infrastructure
  • Swapping the battery
  • Setting up of Lithium-ion battery production
  • solar charging infrastructure

Affordable charging infrastructure

Electric vehicles are becoming popular for their unique features like zero-emission and quiet, but many people are not ready to buy or use electric vehicles, they fear to buy it as there are not enough charging stations installed in India.

Most of the people fear that what happens if I run out of charging? where will I find a charging station or how should I recharge my EV again? What happens if my vehicle stops in the middle of the road? It is very important to have enough charging stations in India to gain the faith of the people.

If EVs charging stations are provided sufficiently then we will definitely see the development of electric vehicles in India. So, affordable charging facility must be provided to promote electric vehicles.

 Swapping the battery

Swapping technology is the most accepted technology in the electric vehicles fields. It saves a lot of time of the people, they dont need to wait for hours to charge an EV. They can swap their batteries in just a few minutes just as they fill up their petrol or diesel tank.
Swapp stations are also another best way to promote electric vehicles in India.

Recently, India’s first battery-swapping station for public buses which can charge 12 batteries at a time is been set up at a Ranip, a central spot on Route 1, in Ahmedabad and was inaugurated by home minister Amit Shah.

Setting up lithium battery plants 

In India, almost every manufacturer imports electric vehicles battery from other countries. Due to the lack of lithium reserves in India, it has to import from countries like Australia, Bolivia, China, Chile, etc.  

If India starts manufacturing the batteries domestically, it will be a great step for the Indians. Production of lithium-ion batteries will bring down the cost of an EV. If EVs price will come down, it automatically attracts the people and they will come forward to adopt it without thinking too much.

Solar charging infrastructure

This is the best way to cut down on the costs of the electricity bill. However, it won’t affect much if you charge an electric vehicle. But still, solar charging helps your vehicle to charge even when you are travelling or parked outside under the sun. This can also be used as an alternative to costly charging stations installations.

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