May 17, 2024

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Zbee Electric Vehicle Specifications, Review and Price

Zbee Electric Vehicle

Zbee electric vehicle is the electric vehicle from a clean motion company. It comes under the three-wheeler category. Zbee with its low weight and high efficiency, rear seat or with a cargo space are some of its features.

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EV Review

Specifications of Zbee electric vehicle

  • Top Speed- 45km/h /25km/h
  • Range- 80 km
  • Motor Effect- 4kW/1kW
  • Vehicle capacity- 1 driver+ 2 passengers
  • Battery capacity-LifePO4 51, 2V-72 Ah
  • Cargo capacity- 170kg
  • Charger- on board:900W/4,5A 230V AC
  • Charging time- Max 4,5 hours

Price And Launch Date Of EV

The expected price of the Ev is around Rs.3,00,000

It is launched in India.

EV images

Zbee Electric Vehicle
Zbee Electric Vehicle

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