April 20, 2024

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Top 5 Electric Passenger Rickshaws with the Highest Range: A Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Ride

For those seeking a comfortable and eco-friendly transportation option in India, electric passenger rickshaws are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional rickshaws, but they also boast impressive range capabilities. Here’s a breakdown of the top 5 electric passenger rickshaws with the highest range, complete with images and key specifications:

1. Bajaj RE E-Rickshaw:

Range: 178 km (claimed)
Battery: 8.9 kWh LFP
Motor: 5 kW
Passengers: 4
Key Features: Spacious cabin, digital instrument cluster, LED headlights, mobile charging socket.
2. Mahindra Treo Yaari:

Range: 141 km (claimed)
Battery: 7.37 kWh
Motor: 8 kW
Passengers: 4
Key Features: Available in soft-top and hard-top variants, digital instrument cluster, reverse parking sensors, and Bluetooth audio system.
3. Piaggio Ape E-City FX Max:

Range: 120 km (claimed)
Battery: 8.6 kWh
Motor: 6 kW
Passengers: 4
Key Features: Iconic Ape design, modern LED lights, comfortable seating, dedicated cargo area.
4. Mayuri Deluxe Electric Rickshaw:

Range: 100-120 km (claimed)
Battery: 48V lead-acid (various capacities available)
Motor: 1.5 kW – 2.5 kW (depending on battery size)
Passengers: 4-5
Key Features: Affordable option, spacious cabin, various models with different battery capacities, hydraulic suspension.
5. Lohia Narain DX:

Range: 100 km (claimed)
Battery: 48V lead-acid (various capacities available)
Motor: 1.5 kW – 2.0 kW (depending on battery size)
Passengers: 4-5
Key Features: Budget-friendly option, comfortable seating, high ground clearance, various models with different battery capacities.
Choosing the Right One:

When selecting an electric passenger rickshaw, consider your daily travel needs, budget, passenger capacity requirements, and desired range. Remember, claimed ranges might vary depending on driving conditions and terrain. Look for features like comfortable seating, charging infrastructure availability, and warranty options before making your final decision.

The Rise of Electric Rickshaws:

The popularity of electric passenger rickshaws is rapidly growing in India due to their several advantages:

Environmentally friendly: They produce zero emissions, contributing to cleaner air and reduced pollution.
Cost-effective: They offer lower operating costs compared to traditional fuel-powered rickshaws.
Improved range: Newer models boast impressive range capabilities, making them suitable for longer journeys.
Comfortable and convenient: They provide a comfortable and convenient mode of transportation for passengers.

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