June 13, 2024

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Your Car Is More Safer-Tesla New Feature “Sentry Mode”


Tesla launched a safety feature for its electric cars. The feature “sentry mode” keeps your car more safely which is why it is attracting more buyers.

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Tesla’s New Feature “Sentry Mode”

Electric Vehicles becoming more popular day by day as it some unique features that provide not only eco-friendly driving experience but also it saves your extra money which you spend on fuels.

When you have such an expensive thing at you, more caring comes in for the vehicle, don’t worry about your Tesla car as it has come up with the new feature that can protect your car even in your absence.

Sentry Mode- Compatible With U.S Model 3 vehicles, Model S, And Model X

The Sentry mode is compatible with U.S.Model 3 vehicles, MOdel S, and Model X, manufacturing of these models have started in August 2017. The new feature monitors the surroundings to an unattended car and identifies the threat through the vehicles external cameras.

Tesla’s External Cameras Detects Threat And Warns

When there is minimum threat such as if someone is leaning on the car, it sends a message on the touchscreen that warns you are getting record through the vehicle’s cameras.


Tesla-“Sentry Mode” Alerts The Owner On Tesla Mobile App

If there is a severe threat, someone breaking a window the car’s alarm rings activate the mode by increasing the brightness of the center display and plays the music loudly so that the car’s owner get an alert on their Tesla mobile app.

The Feature launched To Avoid Stealing Of Vehicles

This feature has been launched to avoid the incidents of stealing vehicles in the past in 2017, there are many incidents of stealing recorded in the US in 2017. 773,139 motor vehicles have been stolen, the highest since 2009, according to data from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Tesla Decreased Cost Second Time In The Same Year

The company decreased the price second time in the same year for its Model 3 sedan to make the car reasonable for its buyers. When Palo Alto, California-based company have decreased the costs as its gaining profits this year.


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